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  • franciscadiaz said:
    It's good. Nov 11
  • margaritarodriguez said:
    Great!! :D Nov 11
  • mariaisabel said:
    I love this band! Nov 11
  • Riscilla Lauryn said:
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  • Nikkie Williams said:
    love all of emxDD Mar 29
  • Kookies Bites said:
  • Donovan Gaffney said:
    Still my all time favorite band! Sep 16
  • jazsmýnxP said:
    akm la cancion *goodbye my love* May 15
  • @yayyeritzi said:
    justin, pierrick, thrasher ♥ May 11
  • Makenna Wolf said:
    Awesome music!! Apr 05
  • BREE said:
    i found them when i my friend let me listen to her waped tour cd. then they followed me on twitter. im starting to become a pretty big fan. u guys rock! Jan 08
  • KaylaaaSarah ღ said:
    iloveyouguys! Dec 09
  • Kevin O'Leary (From Lucky Street) said:
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  • @yayyeritzi said:
    pierrickburbe Nov 04
  • MissKristaBryson said:
    you guys really need to come to the kitchener waterloo area... AND put of sound and fury on your page! Oct 06
  • AshleehBrother said:
    loving it Sep 24
  • GnarKillWill said:
    good stuff dudes.. diggin it hard. Aug 19
  • vanessa said:
    two thumbs up :) iLike! Jul 27