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Genres: Rock / Experimental / Alternative

Location: Richmond, VA

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4 tracks

Members: Noah, Josh, Hessler, John

Bio:Love&Reverie are from Richmond, Virginia, a state capitol that bands like GWAR, Lamb of God, Strike Anywhere and Down to Nothing call home. With most of the city's major venues located in tough-guy neighborhoods and the hardcore scene ruling the territory, this four-piece's unique meld of pop-rock and ambient tones are - how shall we say this - the odd band out?

But who's to say this is a bad thing? In Richmond, where lush atmospheric soundscapes take the backseat to the brazen, fast and heavy, Love&Reverie were given a blank slate. They weren't limited by local standards or trends. The musical freedom left room for discovery and innovation, and it still does. In July of 2006, when the group founded from an assortment of childhood friendships and old band connections, there was an instant chemistry. Maybe it would take a little extra perseverance and good faith to battle the serious riffage of Richmond's harsh streets, but Love&Reverie wouldn't let the city be their deadfall. Not when they had something this good on their hands.

As the five aged as one, they worked and re-worked their sound to their liking - a lofty fusion of sweet, gentle verses to high-soaring, fluid melodies. Dream-like. Sometimes even cosmic. Similar to contemporaries like Park, Armor For Sleep, The Early November or even Deftones and Sunny Day Real Estate, Love&Reverie concentrates on progression and structure. The pop is there, and graciously, but vapid hooks aren't Love&Reverie's style, or Richmond's, for that matter.

It's been over two years since the five-some practiced for that first and holy time. They've since self-released the Lovers are Liars EP (produced by Tyler Orr - Rookie of the Year, As Cities Burn), and a full-length called The Mapping, an one-album deal off North Carolina label, Firefly Music (produced by Mitch Marlow - Advent, A Skylit Drive, He Is Legend). Pair these releases with a hefty 'Net following, and Love&Reverie know how to keep the ball rolling. They also recognize that consistently touring (sometimes for over half the year!) is the most important business decision they can make. And they're pretty good at it too.

"We love being able to get out on the road and make new friends and get our music out to fresh ears. The people we meet and get to play for will hopefully become the foundation for an ever-growing fanbase," guitarist Josh Breth explains. "We have definitely found a way to make the road as comfortable if not more comfortable than being home."

Much more is bustling at the Love&Reverie camp. Demoing has begun after the band came off an east coast stint with The Scenic (Victory) and Goodnight Anthem. The band has already spent two years of heart touring with bands like Mercy Mercedes (The Militia Group), Rookie of the Year (One Eleven), Yearling (Tragic Hero), My Epic (Dreamt Music) and Lansdowne, and come October, they plan to dominate more painted lines and pavement until after the holidays. Relentless and enduring, they wont sit idle. It must be the Richmond in them.

written by: Julia Conny

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    You guys are good! People Should check out Jacob Tyler Lucas, Amity, Have you heard, Skyhawk Drive, Skyrocket Love, and Forever on High! They are really great bands/people! Feb 09
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    cool stuuff :) Feb 08
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    goldsboro nc misses you Jan 24
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    please come to california!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 01
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