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Louis Lingg and the Bombs


Genres: Punk / Alternative

Location: Paris, France

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4 tracks

Members: Josh, Ben, Laurent, Nico

Louis Lingg and the Bombs is an exciting Parisian punk rock band formed in the summer of 2006.
Brandishing fuzzy punk like a weapon and throwing pop bombs at their enemies they are on a mission to promote revolution through the power of rocking scatter shot pop songs!

The group is named after Louis Lingg, the famous Chicago anarchist who committed suicide on death row in 1887. Some of their songs are ultra-political anarchist punk rock and some of their songs are like childrens nursery rhymes. ALL of their songs are full of pop hooks and melodies and they are sung with energy and commitment.

After a series of demos, they finished their first 7 track CD EP in September 2006.
In 2007, they released a 3 track single with the legendary British label ORG records
They hate capitalists and sell outs!





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