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Released Jun 29, 2006

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  • nrtmac said:
    nrtmac - M i really loves lostprophets see all there video in my friendster.. nrtmac@yahoo.com ian watkins i wish you im the one of your band.. hahah.. but i think that was just a dream that never be come true.. ^_^ make a new album i like your start something and liberation transmission album and also the fake sound.. 4am For ever.. im Lost Hir At Phil. ^_^ Jul 16
  • 4givenbassist said:
    I love ur music, i love the song 4:AM Forever, i wish they had it on the playlist thing tho, i\'d so put it on my playlist, oh well, begars can\'t b choosers, i do have start something on my playlist :-) Jun 21
  • PirateMyke said:
    Great album guys!!! got it the day it was out here in Canada!!!! i actually waited for the HMV to open to buy it!!! And i wasn\'t disappointed one bit :-) Great CD!! Apr 20