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LOST (Japan)

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Genres: Screamo / Rock / Post Hardcore

Location: Osaka, Japan

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4 tracks

Members: Hiroki Nakamori - Vocals Yoshimi Morinaga - Guitar Tetsuya Sakamoto - Guitar Daisuke Kusakari - Bass Hayato Taguchi - Drums

LOST was originally formed by Zunn / Vocal, Morinaga / Guitars, Oh-Morry / Bass and Mitsui / Drums in 1998. LOST had made 3 demo tapes with this line up, the drummer, Mitsui left the band in 2000. The band then looked for a new drummer for almost a year until finally they found a drummer, TAG who used to play in a band called "GLITCH" to take a part in LOST in 2002.

From 2003 to 2004, the band spent most of the time for recording of an album "Innocence" and it was released in 2004. During the tour for this album, a new guitarist YUSUKE who had played guitar for a band called "Orange Heads Productive" joined the band and his play made the sound of the band wider and deeper than what it used to be. In 2005, a new song with this member, a song called "Frozen" was recorded for a compilation album "Zest for living". After many experiences during endless touring, they got chance to play in Korea and big festival called "Independence-D" in 2005 with world famous bands like Loudness, Misfits, Cephalic Carnage, Crisis, Dope, Impious, Mantas, Mnemic, The Killer Barbies, Thine Eyes Bleed and more.

In 2006, LOST toured with PIANO(UK) at 9 venues and moreover, LOST was chosen as an opening act of "Taste of Chaos 2006" in Osaka and played with Underoath, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, Anti-Flag and Senses Fail. The Recording of a 2nd Mini album "Unseen Sights" started in the late 2006 and it was released in 2007.

In 2008, LOST took a part in a tribute album of a legendary band Taken(USA) and played with them on their reunion tour in Japan. LOST also supported the tour of "The Integral(Canada) at 3 venues. In the same year, Yusuke, Zunn, and Oh-Morry left the band. The left two had a hard time looking for new members but after their hard work, they miraculously found new bassist Yoshida who previouly played in a band fumas and new guitarist Sakamoto who used to play in a band Glitch, with TAG, and "Seasick" but the hardest part of it was finding the best singer, someone even better than ZUNN. Although they felt that the time they spent with some singers in the studio to find the right one felt like forever and was hopeless, it actually took only 3 months to meet new singer, Hiroki who is also the singer of a band, Ikusafire after all.

With this latest member, LOST started playing shows in August and recorded a new demo track "Perfection" in 2 months time. In September, Crazy Fest was held and LOST toured with Evergreen Terrace(USA), Across Five Aprils(USA), Hollow Jan(Korea), Nature Living and Evylock. Currently, the new LOST is writing new songs for their upcoming album!

AND ALSO FROM LABEL SITE http://zestone.jp/

Taken, Mikoto, The Integral, The Rivalry, PIANO, DESTINY, Saosin, Underoath, Taking back sunday, Anti Flag, Senses Fail, Envy, Misfits, Cephalic Carnage, Crisis, Dope, Impious, Mantas, Mnemic, The Killer Barbies, Thine Eyes Bleed, New Starting Over, Fact, Nature Living, Evergreem Terrace, Across Five Aprils, Hollow Jan and more!



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