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THE VS. LOS .........to make a short story long

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So, people have finally started to notice that we are called "THE FURIOS" and not "LOS FURIOS" now and we have gotten alot of emails as to why the name change ,well here it is.............

originally the band was called "THE FURIOS" and we had a minor breakup and regrouped again as a ska influenced band,the fact that we were all into punk and ska made it enevitable to add horns and travel down that road, i think everyone in the band was infected deeply by bands like "the clash/op ivy/rancid/bosstones/marley/toots/ fishbone...ect.

so we adopted pedro alfaro from el' salvador into the band to play trombone, pedro became a major part of the furios and we decided to change the name to give it a new spice because of the latin influence he brought to the table...we became Los Furios,which is still "the furios" but in spanish.

there came a point when it was time for pedro to leave canada and go home to el' salvador .......el deportation!that was horrible for all of us, but you don't stop ,you push forward and work harder.

we got a new trombone player corinne kessel from "mad bomber society" and ryan glasgo on sax, and we already had chris on trumpet, so the band was different and new.

....don't worry i'm gettin' to the point!

having a latin spiced name when you lose your latino is like ketchup insted of salsa, still good ,but different.we felt pretty dumb being called "los" furios without pedro in the band anymore.specially cause we're all white and don't speak spanish.

so out with the new, back to the older it went! when it boils down , the furios/los furios ,we still get called both, and that is just fine.just don't call us "the furious" we hate that. we're not angry!

its furios.......like cheerios.

.....and thats all i have to say about that.

The Furios


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