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Logan Square


Genres: Rock / Emo / Punk

Location: Naperville, IL

Stats: 808 fans / 30,839 plays / 9 plays today






Members: Brad Chagdes-Vocals/Guitar
Chris Smith-Drums/Percussion
Steve Lyons -Bass
Chris Tiritilli-Guitar

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Our debut album Pessimissm & Satire is in stores everywhere today and on iTunes today!!! Pessimissm & Satire was produced by Sean O'Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack) and fetures the single "Fire and Kerosense."

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1. I Wish You Hell
2. Misdirection
3. Fire and Kerosene
4. Last Kiss Goodnight
5. Alley Cat
6. Is This How You Feel?
7. Buried
8. Brilliant Lives
9. When I Find You
10. Ill Get There
11. Im So Sorry

Logan Square Release Date

Logan Square's debut album Pessimism and Satire is set to be released on June 6, 2006!


  • Logan said:
    best band name ever! Jun 11
  • Lyndseyy ♥ said:
    i heart youu. Nov 11
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    nicee. Sep 25
  • Jessica said:
    Ah, I love your music. Aug 05
  • the brent said:
    put up some songs i can download, cause you guys are amazing. Jun 02
  • purepoetry said:
    i love you guys been listening since 15 minutes late. are you guys still in naperville because thats where i live i would love to come see you guys live. keep up the awesome music. Mar 17
  • justxcarly said:
    i saw you back in milwaukee two years ago at warped tour. you were amazing. Jul 03
  • justxcarly said:
    I definietly saw you guys at Warped Tour 2005 in Milwaukee, back when your name was 15 Minutes Late, and absolutely loved you. Come back to Warped this year, and make sure to stop in Milwaukee!! Apr 01
  • smileyouwon said:
    is there a way to find that song adam in long beach???? Feb 01
  • Write_your_voice said:
    I love your music. And that because you have invaded my ipod that my mom hates you. I geuss she wasn\'t a fan of me playing your music at full volume. Anyway I love your music and hope you come visit your fans ever loyal fans in Canada....Toronto if you don\'t mind! You guys are have amazing music. Jan 05
  • luvjunkie4u2 said:
    im still addicted to my 15 minutes late. i dont think ive even heard the new cd, other than these few tracks. i cant get used to the extreme lyric change in buried (first verse). i think that some of it is pointless: i wasted so (all) this time with you my dear while (as) you masquerade and tell yourself ten (a) thousand lies... the rest of the rewrite i like, alot. Jan 02
  • obviously confused said:
    i think you really got somthin, check my band out at What happened purevolume page get on our fans list Rush, Dec 06
  • MeSwHiTeSoX3 said:
    I, and all my friends that like your band, all were DEEPLY disappointed with your name change... 15 Minutes Late was the best name ever! Rock on though, you guys kick ass! Nov 24
  • raven_embre said:
    Love you guys!! Oct 08
  • aghosttoyoureyes said:
    you guys should put up your song \"be with you.\" because i freaking love that song to death. :]]. Sep 08

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