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Heavy Rock Original Band from south Georgia


Genres: Rock / Metal

Location: Pelham, GA

Stats: 6 fans / 44 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Phil Humphries - Vocals, Mike Cochran - Drums, Mo Hall - Bass, John Odette - Guitars, Chris McGarrah - Guitars

LO-CAST is an original Melodic Rock/Heavy Rock band from Pelham, Georgia. They formed in October 2009 out of the ashes of bands such as Coalbase, Severlock, and Forgotten Days. The band's brand of "beautiful ugliness" will appeal to people who love Melodic Rock as well as people who love heavier Rock and Metal. There's guitar solos, melodic choruses, tempo shifts, and commentaries on alot of the personal issues and B.S. that surrounds us all on a daily basis. This is LO-CAST.... underdogs, loners, cast-outs of the normal standards of society. We all share a common bond. Will you join us? The band has had radio airplay on Rock108's (Valdosta, Georgia) "The Underground Sound" locals show and X101.5 Locals Only+ (Tallahassee, Fl). If you like the band's music, spread the word about us and make sure you come out and support our shows!!

Lo-Cast sound like:
Five Finger Death Punch
taking Creed's lunch money
while Godsmack and Stone Sour
look-on and laugh.....Maybe? Who knows? You decide....
We call it "Beautiful Ugliness."

Lo-Cast Influences:

Phil - Soil, Stone Sour, 12 Stones, etc....

Mike C. - Acid Bath, Machine Head, Overcast, etc....

Mo - 80's Glam Metal, Kiss, and Behemoth (go figure), etc...

John - Stevie Ray Vaughn, Blues-based acts, Metallica, etc...

Chris - Asking Alexandria, In the Midst of Lions, Haste the Day, etc...

When we put this all together it comes out to be Heavy Rock with shades of Metal



No Tomorrow

Apr 28, 2012

As We Die

Mar 05, 2011

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Harrisonville, MO


Burton City, OH


Billings, MT

Draynah Records

Middletown, CT


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United States

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