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Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Charlote, NC

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4 tracks

Members: Paul, Drew, Jeremiah, Sean, Pat, Kyle

You can purchase a hard copy of our EP "A Perfect Compromise" by going to


Behind The Name

"The name Livalie comes from the idea of who people become in today's society," Wright said. "They live their lives with alter egos, being one person in public and a completely different person in their private lives."

"No one is really true to themselves anymore - politicians, music artists, the average businessman; almost everyone 'lives a lie.' People constantly sell their integrity, morals and values for anything. You won't ever see [us] posing as anyone else or changing ourselves onstage. We are who we are."
- Paul (Guitar) - The Johnsonian

Behind The Music

Some consider the lines of rock to be blurred beyond all belief. There is no way to make a mainstream sound without becoming a sell-out, and there is no way create complex entertaining music without being underground. People feel forced to choose a side. A Side? Since when did music have a side? Why can't we create sounds of each genre and create something that does not redefine music, but catches us all? Livalie, in fact, does just that.

Combining heavy guitar riffs that reek of reminiscent old sevendust and incubus days with beautiful piano and synth parts, Livalie is able to maintain and make a sound that is distinct, catchy, and appealing to practically everyone. With considerably pop, sometimes even R&B style vocals, frontman Drew Cyphers put's his spin on top of the bands heavy rhythmic style that seals them off from other artists in todays music industry. It creates a groove, a feel that grabs you.

On their first debut release "A Perfect Compromise EP", Livalie comes together to do the things that we are not "supposed" to do with music, to work with no limits, no time for stereotypes and one sided listeners, livalie comes together to bring you what they feel, know, and love; rock music.

All artwork is done exclusively for livalie by Sarah Blanc & Drew Cyphers.


  • xxxmadijayyxxx@aol.com said:
    OMG... i love you guys so much haha i remember how i met ya'll in the Bi-Lo parking yelling your hot lol. i love this CD i listen to it all the time man you guys are so awesome and down to earth.... ya'll need rto come play a show in BOiling Springs, SC i dont have enough time to get up to Rock Hill and see ya'll play live. Jun 01
  • euyekim said:
    You guys are amazing. I'd like to say that I love your music, and how it is so noticably Livalie. I love the mix of piano, guitar riffs, and quality singing. It all melds together well. I'd be absolutely syyked if you guys came to Maryland. Preferably the Recher, in Towson. Keep up the great work!! Mar 07

A Perfect Compromise EP

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