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An age old issue to say the least. Over the course of history Homosexuality has been seen with an evil eye, and had been dealt with an iron fist, until the more recent years. Society has come a long way since the old ages. Before people of Homosexuality would be seen as people under a mental illness, or a more spiritually title as "cursed people". They would be either killed, imprisoned, held in isolation or savagely beaten. Religion has it's firm belief towards Gays and Lesbians, but man made laws has made a step towards this issue and outside the ideals of religion. Keep in mind that many of our man made laws cater to the ideals of religion such as you shouldn't kill or shouldn't steal to name a few.

In this idealistic world of liberty, really no one should be harmed in any form by another, and no ones rights should be violated. For this concept to work it must create equal rights among the inhabitants of it's government. Now this is where some issues arise. Gays and Lesbians do not have the same rights as Heterosexuals. They can not freely express themselves and live their life without fear of what may happen to them or live without a sense of shame and being shun for what they are. The government can go back on the Constitution and do what they have promised, to protect "everyones" rights, so they granted homosexuals the same rights as Heterosexuals and re-enforced it. The schools are now made to say that homosexuality is a natural occurance. Not only schools, but society in general.

Now, Heterosexuals believe differently and feel that they're being violated of their rights. Much like the KKK if it's their beliefs in a religious form then you can not restrict them from practicing their beliefs, and it so happens that many religions don't condone the actions of homosexuality. Forcing Religious Teachers in the schools or people to go against their religion is wrong. They don't believe it is right, so what is the government to do? Like they always do, wait for another time to deal with it, if even solve the issue at all. This brings us to the not new but most recent events in the progressions of Homosexuality and society, "Gay Marriage".

Something that is sanctified by religion for a religious bondage of a Man and a Woman for all of eternity 'till death do they part. That's the idea and it's been like that since religion was first conceived. Homosexuals want the right to "marry" like any other human being. Religion shuns them from doing so, but liberty says that all are equal, so how can you serve both? You can't. A human error in our societal structure, but what can be done?

So now Gays and Lesbians can wed in Canada, making Canada the third country to allow this. This is going against religion that North America stands by so very much, more than any other continent. These tempary action is a revelation indeed. Many say that Homosexuals should have something of a similar bondage, but not with the actual idea of our religious matrimony. Others say "why marry, wouldn't that be the 'Heterosexual' thing to do?". Besides there are Homosexuals that don't want to marry as well. By having gay marrage it puts pressure on the Homosexuals to get merried, so why proceed?

I say make a branched off version of marriage to service the Homosexuals, because arguments of this nature has occurred many times over the course of time and it doesn't look like it is going to stop in the future without a definite solution. This issues is more important than many think, for it has played a role in nations that crumbled, like the great Rome for example. I say have something that will make gays and lesbians satisfied as well as not offend the followers of religion. This way it will solve the issue for the time being, until they ask for the actual marriage itself, which would occur, but I would rather it occur when society has lessen is grip of hate towards Homosexuals.

[Edit] Well the laws have changed since I last tacked this issue and marriage has been temporarily been allowed by the Liberal Government when they were in power before the Conservative Party was voted in as a minority government. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out what the Conservatives thing about Gay Marriage. Appearently the law(s) that allow marriage amonst the homosexual community can be undone and in turn it will once again outlaw Gay Marriage. Even though the majority of Conservatives grasp this ideal they haven't made it a priority. Very understanding seeing how they are occupied with the involving Canada with the War on Terror, the financial management of Canada, criminal management, and mantaining power as a minority government.

We also know where the church stands on the subject as well, but I personally no longer see the religious pressence on that subject as of late. Though if you were to bring the subject up to someone of religion they will voice their religious ideal with an iron fist, no doubt. The problem with this is that the first ideal conceived for "marriage" amongst two people was that it had very little to no involvement with religion. It was mainly based on the bonding of two people and/or families. Somewhere sometime after that ideal religion was attached to marriage; and with religion comes the rules and guidelines. That would be fine because it has given marriage more meaning, but in a post-modern world where we grasp the ideals of equality, this has been restricted from people. That doesn't show an example equality at all.

There will be a day when both once again the church and government will tackle this issue. There will be no happy ending for everyone, there will only be room for change and acceptancing that change that will be set forth before the people. Either it is to permanently allow gay marriage or to once again make it illegal, people will be enraged. I for one see it in favour of the gay and lesbian community. This is based on the fact that Conservative governement doesn't have the power to make gay marriage illegal nor does the opposition. The Conservatives can't lose voters on this subject neither, so they will no doubt play to the crowd. I am a strong believer that the church and the government should be seperate, so for the government to vote in favour for gay marriage once more will further solidify that ideal. Even though the likelihood that we won't be seeing this issue brought up anytime soon; it will always make movements in our society whether it is being discussed amongst the few or the many.

Posted Feb 09, 2005 at 12:00am



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