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  • shelsi said:
    Hi Kraven new single up now, Who I Am ! Visit: http://www.myspace.com/kravenrock http://www.purevolume.com/kraven Have a nice day. Oct 27
  • Squash said:
    :) hi! yomp Nov 12
  • Squash said:
    :) hi! yomp Nov 12
  • Suicid3Chi1d said:
    Go back to the poem I wrote you. Find the place I place all my poems. Even if a google is required, either way your life saving's what I desire. May 24
  • IAEFdrummer said:
    trust me if i could get away with it i would Jan 20
  • iwearthepants said:
    hahah thats funny, i was just smoking hookah last night till 3! i havnt smoked that late in ssuucchh a long time hahah it got pretty rediculouse. i had to leave haha Jan 20
  • iwearthepants said:
    ooo yeahh the grade thing ugh. okay yeah junior years is when you got to kick it up a notch with the grade and allt he shit. so yeah i can see where your coming from hahah Jan 16
  • iwearthepants said:
    i worked at a hookah cafe, i made the hookah and occasionally the coffe and what not. we were one of the top 10 most poluar places to go in our city so it was pretty crowded hahaha and you have ONE MORE YEAR!!! not too bad and junior year should not be sad! hahah go like...destroy people yars. that what i did hahah Jan 15
  • IAEFdrummer said:
    trust me i would love to but i cant i\'m not allowed...i\'ve got to adhere to the dress and appearance standards set in place by the airforce Jan 13
  • IAEFdrummer said:
    yea i guess i just can\'t stay young forever Jan 13


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i miss when i used to tlk to all my friends all the time. say hai to vani on AIM: xESCAPEvelocityy say hai to vani on MSN: music_mylifexx@hotmail.com

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