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Age: 26

Location: Centerville, FL


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From First to Last Pro

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Los Angeles, CA

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A Man Called Poverty...

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Tallahassee, FL

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Secondhand Serenade Pro

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Menlo Park, CA

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This Providence Pro

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Bothell, WA

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From Autumn to Ashes Pro

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Brooklyn / NYC, NY

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  • adfr2 said:
    Hey come check out a dime for romance at www.purevolume.com/adimeforromance Jul 29
  • silencexxisgolden06 said:
    And I haven\'t talked to u in like 83 days or something like that....lol Jul 18
  • tyler22 said:
    brittney! wuts up Jul 06
  • silencexxisgolden06 said:
    Hey ima miss you to while im gone but ill call you when im up there. see ya ina week! love ya tiff Jul 01
  • silencexxisgolden06 said:
    Brittney!!!!!!!! Jun 27
  • alyssa_xxx said:
    hmm.. i wonder who made your billboard super nifty. :D i love you britt! Jun 03
  • alyssa_xxx said:
    guess what. you are gayy. May 29
  • xtoferx said:
    yeah i know, i\'ve been pretty good howbout yourself? May 25


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  • General: eww..

    so, i got in trouble for lying to my mom about going to the mall when i was really at the poisen the well show. =[ now, i cant go to shows for a month..meaning. goodbye…

    May 07, 2006



i'm BRiTT. so i pretty much live my life on the computer and the lake by my house. my friends are cooler than yours. i have the best boyfriend in the world. and i know the most amazing people. the local bands rock my life.. i go to shows a lot. its like home. my family is really weird. but i love them for it. my favorite color is orange, random yes. but its just me. im kind of the odd one out of all my friends, but i like it that way.. i change the color of my hair almost every 3 months because i get tired of it.. but im running out of ideas. im extremely short and i like it. i dance.. almost everyday.. it amazes me, its when i can express my emotions best. i like to take pictures.. of anything. im a chocolate fanatic. literally. i get headaches when i dont eat it. i need to learn to think before i speak and i am very open to everyone. i'll tell you how it is. and well um. thats pretty much it. lovelovelove, meee, =]

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