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your boyfriend/girlfriend
about your boyfriend girlfriend.....
boyfriend/girlfriend name: Charles Frazier
boyfriend/girlfriend age: 18 almost 19
do you have pet names for each other: yeh i guess so
if so what are they: he calls me babe i call him babe or hun
how often do you talk: very often
where did you meet: pv
why do like this person: hes like no one i know :)
do you love this person: YES!!
has this person ever told they loved you: yes he has
do you want to break up: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you miss this person when they're not around: all the time
when is this person's birthday: sep. 27
what is their last name: Frazier
have you ever wanted to share their last name: yes
do you want to break up: NO!!!!!!!!!!
what day of the week did you meet this person: i think a tuesday :P
does this person know everything about you: yup :)
do you know their middle name: yes i do
is this person older older than you: yes
is this person younger than you: nope
last question
did you like this survey: yeh :S

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Posted Jul 16, 2008 at 9:29pm



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hey im gina and im 16 . im bi...... its who i am!! and im not gonna change cuz u ppl want me to. if u cant tell i am very strong willed and usualy dont care wat ppl think of me. IM NOT SINGLE, i think but who really knows??? :P haha so just letting u know i love music if i didnt have it in my life i would kill mi self, it is the thing that saved me wen i acctually did try to kill myself so.... i also need art in mi life......."art and music are the only ways to run away wthout leaving" br /> br /> ASK ME ANY THING!!!! i will answer and i mean it im 5'10.5 in height yeh i know im like freekishly tall for being 15but i luv it and i do think it takes a confident guy to ask me out aspecialy if heas alot shorter than me ever had a jones soda?? if u havent u havent lived OUR WORLD IS SCREWD IF PPL THING EMOS R NOT NORMAL!! their just like you!!!im sick and tired of ppl complaining bout 'those stupid emo kids that shud really just go die if there gonna cut themselves'. so rlly those ppl that say that rlly need to shut up cuz how wud u like me to go around sayin ' oh those hollister whored and american eagle sluts shud go to the mall again and spend there daddies money'.....?? PEOPLE THINK IM WEIRD but SAY WAT U WANT i like who i am. i have an industreal piercing and monroe ii like piercings and i think that piercings and tattoos are the sexiest thing ever!!i got 2 more piercings but they rejected :( AND my favorite word is RAWR!! and i like the letter 'X' I LOVE THE RAIN!! i will sit out side durring storms for hours!! for sum reason it makes me calm :S i am a little bit of a whore so...... oh and i love hairless cats for sum reason, there not ugly there DANMN ADORABLE!!!! br clear="all"> *HUGS* TOTAL! give GinaPaperclipz more *HUGS* Get hugs of your own yeah btw i know im ugly but wat can i do bout it? :P LUV YA MWAAAAAAA

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