• Jackie said:
    Im pretty good. Just gettin ready to go to a party {woot} whats up with you lately? Dec 23
  • CatherineKorpse said:
    Thanks for the Add sweetie ^^ whats shaken? Dec 23
  • Sofia said:
    hihi. Dec 07
  • jem said:
    Trouble doesn't sound too good. Was it at school? That's were most of the trouble seems to appear. And sorry for the late reply >. Dec 02
  • Ashley Baby :) said:
    Heyy watz up!? XD Dec 01
  • Almost Gone said:
    It was fun, but not insanely amazing. Nov 28
  • megan; said:
    yeahhh, now I have two ear infections D: I am like a sick magnet! Nov 28
  • poopfashhh! said:
    Happpy Thanksgiving! Nov 27
  • LeeAnn : ) said:
    okay well i was just wondering cuz you have a nice name...so i thought that ur pics would look good...but its whenever you fin ur camera Nov 26
  • BeRe[attacksattacks!] said:
    not much just really bored lol hbu? Nov 25
  • ukgirl903 said:
    hey thanks for the add. sup?? Nov 25
  • Jackie said:
    yeah you had a couple. Nov 25
  • Nicole said:
    Dang that sucks. i hate studying. Nov 24
  • sarah_monster said:
    neh, no much, boring speech, school, more colouring.... music, band, neh, stuuf, but i heart stufffff! how are you? you up to much? Nov 24
  • sarah_monster said:
    colouring? oh, lots of things, disney princesses, and speed racer, those my favs to colour Nov 23
  • Nicole said:
    nothing really how about you? Nov 23
  • LeeAnn : ) said:
    hey sweetie..so when are you going to put some pics of you on here!!! Nov 16
  • Almost Gone said:
    Nothing really. Just Battle of the Bands tonight. What about you? Nov 08
  • BeRe[attacksattacks!] said:
    not much , how about you?:) Nov 07
  • Veronica Rae said:
    dude i love your tast in music... it's amazing... Nov 05

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Ayee! I'm Dae. I'll talk to anyone who will talk to me, so don't be shy! One of my best friends in the world is Mo! She's crazyyy :) About Meh: I'll do soooo much for my friends =D I like to play a song on repeat for hours at a time...right now, tehh chosen song is,"All Out Of Love.." But I'm fulla love :) :) :) I can't turn down mint choc. chip ice cream! I love my hair XD I like to talk to people and make newww friends! lol I'm stillll in school I'm addicted to SUNNYD!! Everytime I hear that, "Time to Pretend," song by MGMT...I have to dance to it! Wherever I am! Ooooo, and, "Kids," too! I tend to speak my mind at times, without even realizing I'm doing it.... I love music!!!! I lovee coffeee and stuff with cofffeeee in it Tea is mood too.... Sorryyy for those people who have commented me and I forgot to hit yaaa backk :( I haven't been on here for quite a while, so I'm gettin back into it :) And now I'm ramblingggg....so to sum this up: add meh XD lol LA

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