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Age: 32

Location: United States


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Saved By Grace

Pop Punk / Alternative / Rock

East Vineland, NJ

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Moment Theory

Rock / Alternative / Metal

New York, NY

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The Scene Aesthetic

Acoustic / Indie / Pop

Seattle, WA

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Cursive Pro

Indie / Alternative / Alternative

Omaha, NE

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Rock / Experimental / Rock

Newcastle, Australia

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Comments (48)

  • b said:
    hey, check out my music, hope you like it Sep 19
  • TheronRogers said:
    Hey!If you like Dashboard Confessional then you might like my stuff. Check it out at: www.purevolume.com/theronrogers Let me know what you think. Thanks, Theron Jul 13
  • hopecore.com supporter said:
    hey thanks for adding! h0w did u hear about hopecore.com? -ketch Apr 17
  • xxpolyamorousgirlxx said:
    you sicken me with your 412 favorite artist... Mar 26
  • xxpolyamorousgirlxx said:
    rise against= simply amazing...simply orange...thats an orange juice brand....clever....clever enough to get me to buy it (which isnt very hard, as long as its shiny or has bright colors) i just killed a gnat...we have a gnat problem at my house....i like dots..............dot dot dot...........ok yeah byex Mar 22
  • xxpolyamorousgirlxx said:
    hey sally what was the name of that band that you wanted me to check out? something with "abel" in it? yeahhh i lost the post-it note...sorry and i tried looking through all your favorite artists and i gave up after like 2 minutes when i realized you had 28 pages of bands....yeah,....not gonna happen Mar 21
  • xxpolyamorousgirlxx said:
    SALLY!! I signed on yesterday and i got your comment that was like \"wow i havent commented on your pv in awhile\"...well, that\'s cause i havent signed on in over a year....but im back, from outer space. I will survive. I WILL survive.....unless the murdered thats stalking me in my house gets to me...oh i didnt tell you about that. theres this murderer who is torturing me by stalking me in my house, but he wont reveal himself to me. like if im downstairs, hes upstairs, and im i walk into a room, hell go into another room or hide behind something.he sleeps under my bed at night, it scares me. oh yeah and im slightly losing my grasp on reality more and more every day. I\'m going crazy. I\'ve already diagnosed myself: multi-personality disorder w/ OCD. *siiiigh* why wont the apocolypse come? wow, this is a really morbid comment. ill stop ruining your day, like i ruined your hotpocket by telling you the played 3DG on 97.5. must....destroy....97.5 -NCWHBBEPQWBB Jan 20
  • peaceNNlove said:
    I think that you and I are the only ones who ever get on here anymore.... lol Dec 31
  • peaceNNlove said:
    Well let me just congratulate you then. But look how many we have together! Of course, some of them are the same, but still! Sep 09
  • peaceNNlove said:
    I don\'t like our contest.... Cause whatever you\'ve added, I\'ve added, and whatever I\'ve added, you\'ve added....since we own each other\'s favorite bands... Let\'s call a truce and say we have the number of favorite artists that is both yours and mine together! :D Sep 01


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"[As humans] music is our first art. When we are babies, our parents hum to us and sing 'Eensy-Weensy Spider'... When we learn our ABC's, we sing them. When our birthday cakes arrive, they come with a fanfare of song and fire. When we make our first excursions into nature, we halt in our tracks to hear the birds sing. We tap our fingers and jiggle our knees up and down as we wait. We are hummers, whistlers, and drummers, passing melodies and rhythms back and forth between our friends like colds. We are musical intruments, and we use intruments of wood and plastic, and electricity to fill our world with sound. We just can't help it."

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