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  • General: Meaningles Existence

    I feel lost, confined within myself. The limbs of my sorrows, pulling me donwards, blissfully consuming my soul. Emptying out my skull, of all the thoughts I've had. No…

    Nov 25, 2006

  • General: Some Pics

    Me... yeah. Yes we do! This guy is cuuuuute. ;)

    Nov 02, 2006

  • General: Zap

    I got zapped... alot of people in my class kept saying my name, so I had to say "I fuck cows at dinnertime." Dude, that was hilarious. Greg almost pissed his pants laug…

    Nov 03, 2006

  • General: Cold December

    The harsh winds of the breeze, blow in a rythmic sway. Telling me to prepare, for a chilling December's day. My love, you're like an icicle, glimmering in that romantic…

    Oct 28, 2006

  • General: The One and Only, Andria McConnell

    Why, o why, did you have to go? You know perfectly well, I love you so. A sister I never had, the one who held my heart. Please, o please, don't tear me apart. This isn…

    Jun 29, 2006



Current Song - My Heartsrings Come Undone Demon Hunter Yo people out there! The name's Ethan. Yo, what's up? I'm very emotional, I'm like a pregnant woman without the icecream cravings. Yeah... I have a boyfriend, so please, no matter how "attractive" you might find me (although I highly doubt you would) I am taken. So, yes, I am indeed bisexual. Not like that's a big shock to anyone. Gender isn't a barrier for love to blossom. That's how I think, anyway. I am what you could call, an "emo," I guess. If you took one glance at me and had to label me, that's what you would call me. I guarantee it. One more thing, if you would be kind, read this poem of mine... it's an award winner. Really, I won third place in the Open Poetry Contest a few months ago. How wicked is that?! DEMONIC ANGEL Captivate the sleeping hearts, the strings that bind them are tearing apart. Bleeding from the darkened chambers, are the beasts and their tamers. Shouting out this maddening spell, leading down to the pits of Hell. Demonic angel, have my soul, demonic angel don't let go. Come to me, come find me, reaching out, set us free. Demonic angel, give it all, demonic angel, don't let me fall. This isn't a glass, for all my sins, please have mercy, please let me win. My angel, my angel, this demon that flies, your decrepid wings, torn at the sides. Scream your bloody war cries! Now that you've read it, I guess you can decide if it deserved an award or not. I feel special as long as you critique me! =B. I support bands from the Peg. Go locals! Check my blog for poems... Em, the last little bit of my annoying raid... LINKS. Be amazed... -does finger tricky thing- Hah. -ahem- Scars of Life (great band) Knoxs Korner Blink 182 (why did they break up??!! Errr...) A hot guy.... P.S. - Chase from NUF, you are hot! You too, Blake! ;).

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