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Panic! At The Disco Pro

Rock / Other

Las Vegas, NV

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Cinematic Sunrise Pro

Pop Punk / Rock / Alternative

Detroit, MI

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4 Star Treatment - Back to make !NOISE!

Punk / Rock / Funk

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Metro Station Pro

Electronic / Powerpop / Pop

Flintridge, CA

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Sum 41

Punk / Rock / Metal


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  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks , good luck! Jun 03
  • BrOkEn_HeArT said:
    oh ok i understand!!! Mar 04
  • BrOkEn_HeArT said:
    why just ok???????!!!!!!!!!! lolzzzz i am still RaWrY like last night mah friend we like i love it when your sassy [which you always are] and hyper your just so incredibley hilarious! i love you! Feb 20
  • BrOkEn_HeArT said:
    fun fun! i like dem theyre kewl! so how are ya?? Feb 18
  • BrOkEn_HeArT said:
    awesomeness!:] i like all those colors cept i am not a big green fan:P idk why though! so whats up?? Feb 18
  • BrOkEn_HeArT said:
    haha yupp yupp it is:D lol so what is ya favorite color and why? Feb 18
  • BrOkEn_HeArT said:
    gudd gudds! i am RaWrY!!!!!!! Feb 17
  • BrOkEn_HeArT said:
    ya welcomes:] so how are you? Feb 16
  • Diane said:
    Welcome to my Page!! Leave a Comment!! I always like to talk to people...and make new friends!! Feb 11



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    Feb 20, 2009



Hey! What's up? Welcome to my page! I love music, my friends, to read, and TWILIGHT!! Yeah i'm one of those twilight people if you can't tell. LOL TEAM EDWARD!! My fave bands are Parametro Hotelboy at the Disco. LOL Thing i made up...Actually Paramore, Metro Station, Tokio Hotel, Fall Out Boy, and Panic at the Disco. My fave books are the Twilight Saga, House of Night Series, Vampire Academy Series, Cirque Du Freak Series, Blue Bloods Series, Daughters of the Moon series, Vampire Kisses Series, Harry Potter Series I'm obsessed with vampires....if you don't like it than keep it to your self! --------------------Girls -------------are like apples ---------on trees. The best ones --------are at the top of the tree -------The boys dont want to reach ------for the good ones because they --are afraid of falling and getting hurt. -Instead, they just get the rotten apples ---from the ground that aren't as good, -but easy. So the apples at the top think --something is wrong with them, when in ---reality, they're amazing. They just ----have to wait for the right boy to ---------come along, the one who's --------------brave enough to -----------------climb all ----------------- the way -----------------to the top ----------------of the tree So yeah I love to make new friends so do hesitate to message, comment, or add me!! Also...i'm usually on youtube. If you have a channel you should add me!! My channel>>> http://www.youtube.com/darknesscoversme TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:DianeBirthday:February 6Birthplace:Lawrence, KansasCurrent Location:TexasEye Color:BrownHair Color:right now redHeight:5'4"Right Handed or Left Handed:rightYour Heritage:1/4 japanese, 1/4 norwegian, german, and MUCH more!! LOLSThe Shoes You Wore Today:ConverseYour Weakness:robert pattinson!!Your Fears:rejection and public speakingYour Perfect Pizza:pepperoniGoal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:transfer to tstcYour Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:heyzz...or lolsThoughts First Waking Up:why so early??Your Best Physical Feature:i guess my eyesYour Bedtime:when i want to...Your Most Missed Memory:no responsibilityPepsi or Coke:neitherMacDonalds or Burger King:Mickey Dees!!Single or Group Dates:SingleLipton Ice Tea or Nestea:LiptonChocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate!!Cappuccino or Coffee:neitherDo you Smoke:noDo you Swear:hell yes!!Do you Sing:SometimesDo you Shower Daily:mm...not really its not the best for my hairHave you Been in Love:yesDo you want to go to College:i am in collegeDo you want to get Married:somedayDo you belive in yourself:not reallyDo you get Motion Sickness:yesDo you think you are Attractive:noAre you a Health Freak:noDo you get along with your Parents:my mom yes but i don't really know my dadDo you like Thunderstorms:indifferentDo you play an Instrument:no...but i wish i didIn the past month have you Drank Alcohol:noIn the past month have you Smoked:noIn the past month have you been on Drugs:yep...was sick and had to be on antibioticsIn the past month have you gone on a Date:nopeIn the past month have you gone to a Mall:nopeIn the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:nopeIn the past month have you eaten Sushi:nope...but i do want some...In the past month have you been on Stage:nopeIn the past month have you been Dumped:nopeIn the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:nopeIn the past month have you Stolen Anything:nopeEver been Drunk:nopeEver been called a Tease:nopeEver been Beaten up:nopeEver Shoplifted:yepHow do you want to Die:in the arms of someone that loves meWhat do you want to be when you Grow Up:don't know yetWhat country would you most like to Visit:japanIn a Boy/Girl..Favourite Eye Color:Brown, green, actually it doesn't really matterFavourite Hair Color:black or brown or bronze...i'll take me some edwardShort or Long Hair:dependsHeight:taller than meWeight:not too big...Best Clothing Style:something that they're comfortable in...Number of Drugs I have taken:too many to count (prescription d.a.!!)Number of CDs I own:too many to countNumber of Piercings:zeroNumber of Tattoos:zeroNumber of things in my Past I Regret:too many to countCREATE YOUR OWN! - or - GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS! your spending time with?my familyfavorite thing to do?read favorite singer?well its a band Paramore but Hayley singsyour favorite color?purpleyour worst quality?i'm too shyBoys/Girls crushes obsessions & secrets....your biggest secret?i'm secretly obsessed with vampires...well i guess thats not a secret anymoreyour crush?ROBERT PATTINSON/EDWARD CULLENyour obsessed with?TWILIGHT/EDWARD CULLENyour worst night mare?Don't knowyour biggest fear?dying aloneCREATE YOUR OWN! - or - GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS! What's your favorite....Beverage (non-alc) ?Big RedColor ?PurpleFood ?Pepperoni Hot PocketsItem of clothing ?my conzisMeal of the day ?SupperFeature on yourself ?don't really have oneQuality in a guy/girl ?humorPhrase ?"You are my life now."-Edward CullenSong ?hmm...it changes...right now it would have to be Send My Love to the Dancefloor (Hey Mister DJ) by Cobra StarshipMusical Artist/Band ?Paramore!Sport ?Cullen Baseball!Movie ?Twilight!!TV Show ?don't really watch much tv...but i guess big bang theoryRadio Station ?Radio sux!!! Type of Chocolate ?darkEye Color ?greenDo you/Have you ever....Have any pets ?yesHave any piercings ?nopeHave any tatoos ?nopeCheat on a boyfriend/girlfriendnopeGone skinny dipping ?nopeBeen to Europe ?nopeBeen to an island ?nopeHad stitches ?yepBroken any bones ?nopeBeen stabbed/shot ?nopeSlept until after 12:00 ?hell yes!!Stayed up all night ?hell yes!!Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ?nopeTurned down a dare ?yepWould you ever....Eat pizza with chocolate chips ?maybeKiss someone of the same sex ?probably notCheat on someone you love ?Run away from home ?nopeLie to your parents ?yepLie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ?yep...there are just some things you can't tell some peopleLie to your best friend ?yepGive a homeless person money ?yepRun from the police ?nope...i would probably be like Bella and fallBungee jump ?nopeSky dive ?nopeCross dress ?nopeBe an exotic dancer ?nopeWalk out of a restaurant without paying ?nopeScuba dive ?maybeGo rock climbing ?maybeGo spulunking (caving) ?maybeWhat do you think of when you hear....Eminem ?RAP...Retards Attempting PoetryBologna ?ooo...now you're making me hungryHott ?Paris hilton is a dumbassOrange ?HAYLEY WILLIAMSReal world ?Something i need to visit sometimes..lolsJack ?SkellingtonCucumber ?yummy veggieHip-Hop ?its okayUniform ?militaryUniCORN ! ?WOO!!Rainbow ?Where's the skittles?Clown ?Take off the makeup!!CREATE YOUR OWN! - or - GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS!

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