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  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    Hiiiiiii!! =) Happy Thanksgiving!!! **if you celebrate** Hope you can share (and survive) a great day with close friends and family!! ;D Nov 26
  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    Hows it going???I wanted to make sure you know that my band is now streaming our new CD here on purevolume!!! **if you're getting this then that means we're friends on here BTW!!**=) If you like bands such as Underoath / From First to Last / Saosin / Taking Back Sunday i think you will dig it! LISTEN TO THE NEW AHNH CD I hope you like it!!!! =) Nov 11
  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! TRICK (http://bit.ly/18FSmU) or TREAT (http://bit.ly/9RHyL) **They're links to songs =)** Oct 31
  • Mike XD said:
    Oh it's cool :) at least you replied back haha. Hope you have an amazing day, thats all :D Sep 30
  • jimm said:
    i make you horny? why would this be lol Aug 18
  • PKandice, luhv. said:
    check this band out. i promise you wont regret it!! cross my heart. :) http://www.purevolume.com/pk listen and become a fan. thanks a bunches. -pk Jun 24
  • Damon!!! said:
    Hey duder! I'm Damon. And if you get a chance, maybe you could check out my artist page at purevolume.com/damontaylor??? That would be sweeeet! thanks again! Jun 15
  • Deleted said:
    thnx for the add im seren May 07
  • Deleted said:
    thnx for the add im seren May 07


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  • General: i cant do it alone..

    Oh God, God, she's really done it now, Coked up, her body's all spun around, Oh yeah, yeah, she's really done it, And seein' her just isn't something I can stomach,…

    Apr 14, 2009

  • General: go to sleep !

    I ain't gonna eat, I ain't gonna sleep Ain't gonna breathe, til I see, what I wanna see And what I wanna see, is you go to sleep, in the dirt Permanently, you just b…

    Apr 14, 2009

  • General: r!chman. 3OH!3

    I mean what can I say, Three babies in the backseat singin' to you, Hey Dj, won't you play that song for me, And my hom-- and my homies all singin' to it, 3oh...3oh…

    Apr 09, 2009

  • General: * cuase what you did was soo low,

    Everybody's talking But they don't say a thing They look at me with sad eyes But I don't want the sympathy It's cool you didn't want me Sometimes you can't go…

    Mar 12, 2009

  • General: umm survey

    TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:beakerBirthday:apirl 18Birthplace:wallaceburggCurrent Location:school (N)Eye Color:blueHair Color:brown,Height:shortttyyyRight H…

    Mar 10, 2009



im brooke . gun to my head, you live when im dead.. "Kill the lights, These children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks, It feels right, All these asphyxiated, self-medicated; take the white pill, you'll feel alright." INSANE? am i the only motherfucker with a brain? im hearing voices, but all they do is complain. kayso, im brooke, love me, hate me.. really i could care less :) add me up, i loveloveloveeeee, meeting new people lovess !

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