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The Used Pro

Post Hardcore / Rock

Bonnie, UT

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Silverstein Pro

Emo / Hardcore / Punk

Burlington, ON

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The Homecoming

Pop / Electronic / Indie

Doylestown, OH

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Trevor Lambert

Acoustic / Pop

Atmore, AL

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Porcelain and the Tramps

Electronic / Experimental

Detroit, MI

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  • Ricky said:
    idk fi you still get on here... :[ if you do... my aim is howsyahsaxlife and my myspace is myspace.com/firest0rm9191 i miss you bunches my schooltime love Sep 24
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 10
  • peaches. said:
    hai beautiful (: how are you? Jun 08
  • xeniaaa; said:
    hey hey alex! :) i'm xenia. 'suuup? Jun 08
  • XxMaddieMayhemxX said:
    hello there sent u a fr!:D Jun 02
  • torch said:
    oh yeah and i was in aeropostale waiting for my friend Jun 02
  • Mrs. Orinik said:
    yeah its tons of fun..... it seems like all it does here is rain or poop on the world...hahaha ... how are you darling:] Jun 02
  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast good luck Jun 02
  • KristinaVAIN said:
    haha nice to meet you love :) im Kristina :P Jun 01
  • -cath said:
    why thankyou :) May 31


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  • General: spread the word - not your legs.

    Do you know how HARD it is to try and sell your artwork? Probably not. Well just from my experience I can tell you that it's a royal bitch... SO, you should really tr…

    Apr 30, 2009



the specifics: grey/blue eyes. shit brown hair. size 0 gauges. 5'5". 130lbs. alexandria, known to you as ALEX. [nothing more, nothing less.] i'm complicated - and proud of it. i'm loud and obnoxious - no one gives a fuck. people love me for who i am. i curse more than anyone i know. i will obliterate you if you fuck with me. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME. photography and writing are my passions. very dysfunctional, [but aren't we all in some sense?] i am easily irritated. i HATE lables. i am not straight, i am not gay, i am not bisexual, i AM myself. i fuck up and make a lot of mistakes - but the thing about me is that i learn from them. Likes: music. converse. skivvies. hot topic. photography. movies. being alone. cursing. tattoos. piercings. heath bars. cherry cheesecake. video games. hair dye. intelligence. proper grammar. writing. poetry. random phrases. the color purple. my bastard cat. the city. ellen page. surprises. MACINSOSH computers. adobe photoshop. photo manipulation. stars. journaling. spraygraphic. bright colors. eyeliner. skinny. hiding things in my bra. checker, plaid, and argyle designs. CHIPOTLE. acoustic guitars. GREYS ANATOMY. vampires. my penmenship. iTunes. my pastey skin color. skinny jeans. scars. Dislikes: when dislikes outnumber likes. shitty endings. people in general.being bored. depression. "clicks." pessimistic thoughts. the color brown. mathematics - in all forms and variations. being alone. insecurities. body odor. sports. Wii. bitchy teachers. grammatical errors. PC. medication. ignorance. bragging. animal cruelty. porn. the sun. summer. heat in any form. country music. unsanitary places. being judged. failing. being in a relationship. windows media player. secrets. being told no. daytime. feeling hopeless. having no control over my own life. falling - being tripped. vulnerability. crying. crying in front of others. crappy movies. thin hair. fire drills. bugs. fast food. greasy food. most meat. writers block. talking on the phone. losing things. forgetting things. acne. slow computers. lag. public bathrooms. lunch period. freshman. the country. most kinds of food. not being able to sleep. politics. obesity.

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