Thursday Pro

Rock / Indie / Post Hardcore


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Take The Crown

Rock / Club / Rock

Huntingtn Bch, CA

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For the Fallen Dreams Pro

Hardcore / Metal / Progressive

Lansing/Saginaw, MI

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Rock / Alternative

Kenosha, WI

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Action Action Pro

Indie / Powerpop / Psychedelic

Heer Park, NY

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A Love Ends Suicide Pro

Metal / Rock

West Covina, CA

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Relient K Pro

Rock / Punk / Psychedelic

Canton, OH

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From A Second Story Window

Metal / Progressive / Experimental

Howland, OH

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Set Your Goals Pro

Rock / Punk / Pop Punk

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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As I Lay Dying

Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore

San Diego, CA

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Hardcore / Rock


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Club / Rock / Techno

Salem, NH

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Cool Hand Luke Pro

Indie / Emo

Nashville, TN

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The Sleeping Pro

Rock / Alternative / Punk

E Massapequa, NY

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The Chariot Pro

Hardcore / Post Hardcore

Atlanta, GA

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Project 86 Pro

Alternative / Post Hardcore / Rock

Aliso Viejo, CA

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Number One Gun Pro

Rock / Alternative / Pop

Chico, CA

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ever stays red

Christian / Indie / Rock

Phoenix, AZ

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Versus The Mirror

Indie / Rock / Hardcore

Tucson, AZ

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The Showdown Pro

Rock / Metal / Alternative

Nashville, TN

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  • General: Haha

    I was bored, so I decided to bash Emmure on their page and see how many times I got bashed back.  Eventually, I'll tell someone I'll swirl their pumpkins if they don't…

    Sep 23, 2009

  • General: The Optimistic

    The best song ever.... :)     I put my hands on the handle of my bike Head out to the street with a homemade heartbeat And water in my backpack Cuz it's hot out h…

    Sep 13, 2009

  • General: Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear.

    Good God, if your song leaves our lips If your work leaves our hands Then we will be wanderers and vagabonds They will stare and say how empty we are How the freedo…

    Jul 16, 2009

  • General: Ta da!! Listen to them

    EverThorn Still Remains Break Out The Shotguns This Runs Through KissHerGoodbye Beneath the Sky On The Last Day I Am Alpha and Omega Mychildren Mybride There a…

    Oct 30, 2008

  • General: I'm not made of steel

    I can be anything That you want me to be A punching bag A piece of string That reminds you not to think They found the note down in your car It’s not your fault i…

    Oct 18, 2008



Odds are, whoever you are, you care more than I do. Nothing wrong with that, I mean. *shrug* I'm Christian, logical, I like heavy music, soft music, breakdowns, moshing, et cetera. I'm quiet. I don't trust many people and talk to less. I always feel like I'm bragging but I swear I never mean to. I hate looking people in the eye, dumpster diving is awesome, and roofing crap is equally so. I hate myself for a lot of things but nothing you can do about it, I suppose. I like using weird words out of context like shimmy, gnarly, scrumddidlyumptious, gnasty, et cetera. Echidnas, platypuses, whales, and emus are all farking awesome animals. Yogurt, fig newtons, and burritos are all bangin' good foods. You haven't experienced true freedom till you walk around barefoot, especially outside on gravel. I've been backstabbed alot, but you get used to it, I guess, and pick your friends more carefully. I don't have a favorite color because who ever gave a decent crap about color, I like reading Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Agatha Christie, John Grisham, C.S. Lewis, Michael Chrichton, and similar stuff. I usually hate anything that isn't a concrete science, but exceptions are made. I'm very organized. And you probably stopped reading this long ago :P I had the greatest faith in fools, I turned my back and out came the wolves.

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