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  • Devyn The Writer said:
    OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU! :D How are you girl? How goes life? Feb 07
  • Luke A.V.O said:
    Hey do you remember when we present A.V.O to you? So I'm here to say we are completely redesigned, with new members and with an indisputable record, I would count on your support today because we will launch our new song "Post Script (P.S.)" with our new recording. So we count on you today (June 13) and with your help to show other people our song. Thank you very much. Get in on our myspace to see our job. www.myspace.com/avorock 2 hours from now Jun 13
  • Evan Tyler said:
    hey i just posted new songs for my band, could you help me promote ? =) please? and i like the picture of the girl and the tree you have, its awesome Sep 27
  • Devyn The Writer said:
    hahahaha wow, you're friend must put out some secret signal to women and chicks alike. That's nice that you two have got eachother's back like that. hahaha ward off the weirdos and what not. Heehee. My friends just make fun of me when a weird dude hits on me. *sigh* yup, it's sad LoL. Speaking of getting in trouble at work, I double charged a customer two nights ago. Let me just tell you, it was my first time on the register so I was BOUND to mess up. Just sayin LoL. He was being such a dousche bag to me and my boss had to come out and tell him that I was new. And then he went outside and started complaining to his friends. About fifteen minutes later one of his friends actually came back inside and apologized for how his friend was acting. So I gave him a free yogurt. .the friend, not the dousche bag. hahaha. *sigh* but yeah, that's my first mix up on the job. .hopefully it'll be my last. Cause I'm not fittin' to be losing my job, no thank you. LoL dear, you don't have to suppress the giggles. It's one of the things I don't mind coming with being a female. .among many other things. =P LoL I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep talking to the cutie!! I sense a connection there. . .My spidey senses are tingling with that one! heehee Aug 27
  • Devyn The Writer said:
    Amen to that my dear. Sure as heck nobody's perfect. It's calming down now between the friend and us, but it's different you know? We're not close anymore but we'll acknowledge eachother. It's sad, but it's life I suppose. We lose people that we thought we'd never lose in the first place. Okay, aside from that depressing story, I have good news. I HAVE A JOB!!! yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Yup yup yup, I'm a working girl now. LoL It's at a frozen yogurt place down here, it's pretty popular. I get paid on Monday. .YEEEAAAHHHH!!!!! So stoked! How are you doing? Sorry for the delayed comment, I've been working and then coming back home and catching up on my z's. . .how've you been? How are things? How's the dude situation? How's life in general? Aug 25
  • beckybooop(: said:
    Loll. sounds fuuun!(: i've been really good thank youu:) yourself? Aug 22
  • And A Baby That Looked Like A Marshmellow, I Was Stoned And Wanted To Eat It said:
    lol the other day my mum told me to help her cook dinner. and i was cutting the onions and i cut my finger by accident. it hurt so bad. i was like OMG OMG OMG. my mum was like stand still for goodness sake. it was kinda funny :P Aug 18
  • [thisISN'ToverTILLiSAYitsOVER] said:
    Hey whats up? I like your profile, oh and Dallas Green RULES!!! lol. Aug 15
  • Devyn The Writer said:
    Aww hun, there's nothing lame about feeling those butterflies. Heck I think I killed all the butterflies in me when I broke up with my ex. Yup, he pretty much killed them. So now I'm a single, bitter woman that'll probably end up living her life as a spinster lady with cats. hahahaha eeeewwww I'll be called the cat lady. NO THANK YOU!!! LoL Anyways, well, I will have to agree with your ex to be quite honest. Situations will only be awkward if you make them that way. That I've learned first hand. . .and recently actually due to the lameness of my "former" best friend. LONG STORY SHORT: she's mad at my twin sis because the guy she liked likes my sister ALOT!! Yeah, and now she's all "Oh, you're still my best friend. .I still love you guys, I promise." But she treats me differently now. . .*sigh* Drama does the soul harm. .that's what I say. Stupid girls. .sometimes I think I should've been a dude. LoL is that weird? Aug 15
  • Devyn The Writer said:
    thanks. .and no the haterz didn't get in the way of me having some fun down in Cali. I miss it so much down there already. .now I'm back in dreary, hot Las Vegas. ugh, oh well, it's home. heehee you feel all the butterflies coming back when you see this guy huh? That's just darn adorable. And a guy brought you lunch, psssh, man don't you have all the luck!! hahaha but I say KUDOS!! I'm not sure if we have different tast in guys. .what's the sweetie pie look like that makes your heart skip a beat for? =D . . .that last sentence in your last comment you sent me. .should I be worried? What happened? Aug 13


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  • General: The truth of what lies beneath

    He says that im the best thing to happen to them I say im the biggest mistake he ever made He says im different  I say im all the same Im every girl who broke your…

    Sep 03, 2009

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    gave me the world.kissed me outta nowhere.played with my face as i lay my head on his lap.told me he loved me while holding me close.picked me up and spun me around.did…

    Jun 29, 2009

  • General: Bummer...

    i misssss my snakebites :( the job i have now made me take it out fuckin sucks! But i will get them back bahaha!...

    Jun 27, 2009

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    Jan 03, 2008

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    Aug 19, 2007



Well for starters im really bad at talking about myself so i apologies for that I like... -MUSIC -PHOTOGRAPHY -Singing my heart out -Green tea -Anime -Gazing at the stars -Daydreaming -My DS -Watching things go boom -The color Burgundypinkpurplegreen (yes that is a color) -Kissing in the rain -Having fun -Making people wonder -Smiling for no reason at all -Thinking how cool it would be to own a Dino -Talking about something that happened along time ago and being the only one laughing -Saying things outta no where (even though i dont make sense) -Acting on something then realizing im a dumb shit! =) -Wondering what makes the world go round -Wishing upon a star -Hearing his voice -Making people smile -Putting people who deserve to be happy before me -Acting as if im busy -Laughing at the lady who looks at me like im crazy -Telling people that there the reason i do what i do -Saying "Lies all lies" when someone is trying to tell me something (as a joke that is) -Making my own endings -Being a smartass -Asking random questions -learning new things -little things that make a difference -just the thought that he thinks about me -Making friends -Sparkly things -Being loved -Giving hugs -appriciating the things that matter -Shoes -CONVERSE

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