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get it...are you getting it yet? beyond awesome disc

Posted Oct 10, 2006 at 12:00am



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  • General: Take Action Tour 2008

    Take Action, never seizes to amaze.. The Human Abstract August Burns Red The Bled FFTL Everytime I Die

    Mar 04, 2008

  • General: Bands I've Seen & Met

    -Seen- Halifax x2 The Bled x2 Scary Kids x3 Dashboard x2 Static Lullaby x2 Emeryx2 The Human Abstract x2 August Burns Red From First to Last Everytime I Die…

    Oct 06, 2007

  • General: NEW SONG

    NEW SONG!!! -"Untitled"- Give it a listen, leave a comment, and add us!! Much love and thanx -steve- ThankYouForTheSky

    Apr 10, 2007

  • General: Take Action Tour

    simply amazing...emery, static, scary kids...can i say more? awesome show!!!

    Feb 26, 2007

  • General: ThankYouForTheSky

    okay so got a name for our acoustic project...check it out

    Nov 16, 2006



Whoa The story of me: I'm Steve, i go to school, i live in house, i have a car,i'm in a couple bands and i love music and sometimes it returns the favor.And i love meeting and talkin to ppl so hit me upI only wear Vans and band hoodiesI'll be the first to tell you i'm a kid and i'll never grow upI think Lifes to short to be taken seriouslyi love being random and love random things like dinosaurs and giraffesThe music i like:Screamo, HXC, Acoustic, Post, Alternative, straight up Rock, Pop, Emo, Other and just about everything else!! .I play bass and have about five of em.I listen to music and go to shows like theres no tomorrow i have some sweet friends who are part of the crew.Friends are the best thing you can ever have in lifeand i have the best freinds ever theres this kid named joey in my crew who plays sick guitar that i started an acoustic band with and its "thank you for the sky" and it goes a litlle something like this... So dream like you want tonight As if you were never gone Like you were still by my side But it takes more than wings to fly myspace me My Idol -Why?- Cuz he plays bass, he sings, and he'll never grow up! "I see my job in the band as basically to be on stage as the village idiot, to act like a jakass, and to make a total fool out of myself whenever possible" "Never let anyone tell you how to live your life."

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