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Inward Eye Pro

Rock / Classic Rock

Winnipeg, MB

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Trance / Experimental

Meredith, NH

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Lines Into Phoenix Pro

Progressive / Experimental

Bothell, WA

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Attack! Attack!

Ambient / Electronic / Experimental

Atlanta, GA

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Take The Crown

Rock / Club / Rock

Huntingtn Bch, CA

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Comments (5)

  • TaylorFantastic.™ said:
    I'm good, you? Feb 24
  • Hannah said:
    sorry this took me forever, I feel my correspondence is like an obese dinosaur trying to cross the pangea continent(when it still existed, that is). but might I saw, wow, you're taking some impressive stuff this semester! How's the engineering class going? What exactly do college kids do in an engineering class? I always imagine all the students slaving arduously all day on a building some dandelion yellow and black generator that will somehow harness the electric power from lightening and drill holes in walls. but, on a more jucier note, have anyone stormed angrily out of the ethics class in a livid fit of rage because they were taught something contrary to their beliefs? I'm just taking typical stuff, a.p. biology, art 3, a.p. english, u.s.history(which has turned into a marvelous 1st period cause you just turn your head at about 30 degree angle and sleep for 55 minutes), etc. Feb 16
  • Hannah said:
    mmmm, yea, I didn't account for the cruelty of college peers and the horrors of laughing at a cripple, but alas, the world does spin madly on. what classes are you taking? The new year has been progressing at the speed of sound! January's almost over and I haven't even absorbed and appreciated all the bitter cold, post-Christmas let down, and storing of fat particularly around the abdominal region for the winter. but I do have a fondness for the beginning of something new, a fresh start as if you've shed the exoskeletons of the past and can be who you want to be, not one hindered by previous stereotypes and classifications. whoa, sorry to go all deep on you there, its overcast today and that always makes me feel pensive and extremely optimistic about the times to come. by the way, I dig the pictures you put up. Jan 26
  • Hannah said:
    haha, ambeint music with soothing melodies certainly does make finals and exams bearable, but shortbread cookies and lots of anger got me through mine haha. of course if you threw yourself out of a window, you're professors might have had sympathy on a severly crippled student and not made you take them. how has your new year been progressing so far? Jan 10
  • Hannah said:
    thanks for agreeing with my comment on swatecke's music profile; it's good to be aware I share similar thoughts with random people I don't know, and kudos on the music taste Dec 23


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im really picky about which music i like, but it tends to transcend across a ton of different genres (id never let a bands genre stop me from listening to them) i go through phases, my current phase is metalcore, and softer rock/trance like mogwai and the like (probably to balance myself out) i like school for some reason i like computers and the cool stuff you can do with them i feel like capital letters are used when they shouldnt be i love tinkering with things and [hopefully] not breaking said items in the process i like the english language, sociology, psychology, and politics i love art i like 3000gt's i almost never use punctuation or good grammar informally, but i cringe when either is used incorrectly otherwise i love to play the drums i love commercials

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