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Disturbed Pro

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Chicago, IL

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I Rival

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Julia Eden

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Lowell, MA

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Small towns burn a little slower Pro

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Minneapolis, MN

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  • Lauren said:
    Hii! If you have a minute I would love for you to check out out the band The Hate!! They are a punk rock/ rebel band from Denver, CO. they are comparable to Against Me! and The Ramones and rock out just as hard as The Sex Pistols! If you can give them a listen and your thoughts, that would be rad! And if you dig the tracks, you can download "Where Hope Lives" for free!! Thanks! The Hate www.purevolume.com/TheHateOfficial Jul 10
  • Beautiful Dysphoria said:
    Hi there! We are Beautiful Dysphoria and we were hoping you'd check out our music sometime. All of our songs are FREE to download. If you click on the albums, there are 20 FREE downloads. It makes our day when people listen to our stuff :) Check it out at www.purevolume.com/beautiful_dysphoria Thanks very much!! Jun 09
  • said:
    IKR! Me and you need to hang out sometime. Its cool. I have a lesbian friend or two. The comment you left me made me think of the L Word, which made me think of kermit the frog which made me think of Shane Dawson which made me remember i miss youtube... Aug 15
  • Michael Martens said:
    Hi, take a listen at purevolume.com/minusned Let us know what you think If you like add us to your favs=] Aug 12
  • said:
    Dude. I don't remember...... Aug 12
  • said:
    Ehh. I guess im okey. everything is okey. but its kinda sucking like a newborn baby Aug 09
  • said:
    Ayyyee Aug 06
  • Jack said:
    hi:) whats up? I am a member of the group called "UnderDying" Metalcore Post Hardcore www.purevolume.com/underdyingband thanks, have a good day ! Aug 06
  • said:
    i's scared! Aug 01
  • said:
    hmmm. but i know where he lives! Aug 01


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