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Imagine if you can, a nice trip in the shops on the balmy summer’s day. This is not a tension http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/ipod2.htm packed, hunger-motivated expedition to that local supermarket followed with the bitter discovery the bastards have put their costs up AGAIN...I said this was a nice trip. You head out into the nice and cozy, dazzling summer daylight in search of milk, some eggs and perhaps a little treat for yourself. You slide your iPod from your compartment and...and...Wait a minute, the cables all tangled up.

Hold on.

Gimme a second.




By time you have http://store.griffintechnology.com/ipod untangled the wires, you’re out of a nice mood for a walk, you’ve abandoned that spur-of-the-instant jaunt to that recreational area you were toying with and you do not need to listen to any music whatsoever. In truth, it is too damned hot for just about any of that. You don’t wish for a pleasant, healthful tossed patch salad or Spanish omelette for dinner, you will just swing by the local grease trap on your way home. Furthermore, there are bills to pay and housework to accomplish and arguments to have with your partner. Have you even cancel the trip to the shops completely. The milk isn’t that lumpy after all and you can make a wonderfully pragmatic Spanish omelette from flour, water and spaghetti hoops, true?

Avoiding this sort of thing occouring to you, you may want to try guided reflection, therapy, or self help guides that can inhibit little such things as a snarled headset cable sending you spiralling into a profound, shady depression. But, if we can’t be bothered with that New Age hocus pocus, then why get yourself a set of Bluetooth in-ear earphones?

Bluetooth in ear headsets don’t possess a cable, all you do is slide the little beauties from your pouch, pop them into your ears and take advantage of the ride.

Envisage our little sun-dappled situation again, this time without the cable debacle.

Your stroll is pleasant and comfy, the warm sun gently caresses your face and here does not look to be a cloud in the sky. A gorgeous associate of the opposite sex smiles at you (no doubt drawn to your magnificent choice of headphones) and everything looks right within the world. Perhaps a tossed garden salad becomes dinner and dancing? Perhaps a quick flutter on the lottery becomes a mansion and a pool house. Who knows?

I will freely admit that none of the situations above are particularly probable, but, I will furthermore say that having a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones, at least the cables will not get knotted within your pocket and irritate you on the daily basis. Which has to be worth a little, right?

Posted Dec 13, 2014 at 9:13pm



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