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Gold farming is the process of generating currency in WildStar through the quickest manner possible. The process has engendered its share of controversy because it often violates the spirit of the game. Some instances of wildstar gold farming can get you banned from the game. Legitimate gold farming, however, can help you gain currency quickly when you really need it.

Find Promotional Items:Promotion items are rare or unusual objects that aren't available to the majority of WildStar players. You can find them in certain ancillary products,or during seasonal periods such as Christmas. Pick them up and hold onto them for a few months--long enough for the rush to come and go, and for people who might have missed them to log on and start playing again. Such players often are willing to pay much more for the item now that it has become scarce. If you time things carefully and are willing to hold onto your item for a bit, you can make a quick and tidy profit with very little effort.

Use Auction Houses:Auction houses are where you sell items you have accrued for gold. Most of them are aligned with the Horde or the Alliance--the two basic factions in WildStar--which means that only members of that particular faction can use them.On the other hand, can be used by members of either faction, which can lead to profits under the right circumstances. You can sell a Horde item or an Alliance item to members of the opposite faction at neutral auction houses, and buyers are willing to pay more.The more you can use them, the higher your profit margins will be.


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