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There are lots of top ten lists out there: business apps, games, productivity apps, and entertainment. But I bet you've never seen a list for 10 year olds, so enjoy! (Many of these are free, but some are paid apps so be sure to check the price before installing.)

Dragonvale is set in a magical land where you get islands, grow and breed dragons, and earn coins from visitors. Every time you buy something, you get XP points, which help you level up. Every time you level up, you unlock more dragons, decorations, and islands.

Talking Tom is a cute cat who lives in an apartment and gets bullied around by his neighbor, Talking Ben. You have to have a device with a microphone to work this app. If you say something to Tom then he will repeat it to you in a higher voice! Also, you can pet him, poke him, or feed him and he will respond. You can also get coins to buy outfits for Tom to wear.

Of course we have to include Angry Birds! Angry Birds is a fun, strategic game where "The Pigs Stole Their Eggs! Help Dish Out The Birds' Revenge!". Pull back the birds' slingshot and destroy the pigs' fortress and the pigs along with it.

Jetpack Joyride is set in an evil scientist's warehouse where he makes a machinegun jetpack. The evil scientist's sworn enemy, Barry pirate kings hack tool Steakfries, has come to steal it! Play as Barry Steakfries and steer him and the jetpack to freedom, if you don't get hit with a laser first. You collect coins and can spend them for different jetpacks, clothing, vehicle upgrades, and to pass missions. If you hit a gear box, then you can transform into one of the many vehicles. You also get 3 missions at a time, and every time you pass a level, you get more coins.

Fruit Ninja is a game where you slice fruit, complete achievements, and get high scores on Gamecenter. There are three different modes you can play, and you can unlock different backgrounds and blades, too!

TradeNations is a game where you are the mayor of a "nation". Build houses, and people will move into them. You can put the people to work in buildings and such. Also, you can be friends with other mayors, and put decorations in your nation. You get XP points every time you buy something, and then you progress through levels!

Tiny Tower is a game where you build your own sky scraper and run the elevator. This is another game that uses GameCenter. You have bitzens (little people) that you give jobs to and they earn you coins. You can use these coins to buy new floors.

Pocket Frogs is a game where you buy and breed frogs to get XP points. The XP points help you pass levels, and when you pass levels, you unlock more frogs! You get habitats and you can have 8 frogs to a habitat. Also, you can take frogs to the pond and they become adults. This game uses the Plus Network too.

Temple Run is a fun, fast paced game, where you stole an idol and evil demon monkeys (they kind of look like vultures) are trying to catch you. Run around corners, jump over tree roots and pits, and try not to die. Also, this game uses GameCenter.

This game (by enscenasoft) is one of the best games ever. There are four different modes: original, chillin' chalk, christmas snowman, and flower power. Also, you can play against the computer, another person by taking turns on the same device, another person via bump, multiplayer, and custom words (with a computer).

These are some of my favorites, but if there are some that you like that I haven't posted, leave them in a comment.

Posted Feb 03, 2015 at 5:24am

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