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  • General: Fallen Arches?

    OverviewFallen arches or flat feet is a condition in which the arch or instep of the foot collapses and comes in contact with the ground. In some individuals, this arch…

    Jul 04, 2017

  • General: Limb Length Discrepancy Hip Pain

    OverviewA Leg Length Inequality or Leg Length Discrepancy is exactly as it sounds. One or more bones (the Femur or thigh bone, the Tibia or shin bone, and/or the joint…

    Jul 02, 2017

  • General: Do You Really Understand Heel Painfulness?

    OverviewHeel pain is often a symptom caused by one of two conditions: Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis. Most commonly, heel pain experienced at the bottom of th…

    Jun 30, 2017

  • General: Mortons Neuroma Prevention

    OverviewMorton's neuroma is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third and fourth toes. Morton's neuroma may feel…

    Jun 01, 2017

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