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  • General: Leg Length Discrepancy Tests

    OverviewLeg length discrepancy (LLD) affects about 70% of the general population, and can be either structural - when the difference occurs in bone structures - or func…

    Jul 03, 2017

  • General: Pes Planus Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

    OverviewIf you look at an adult foot from the inside, you'll usually notice an upward curve in the middle. This is called an arch. Tendons, tight bands that attach at t…

    Jul 02, 2017

  • General: Heel Pains All You Need To Know Heel Ache

    OverviewHeel pain is common and has many causes. Typically, these problems are easily solved by rest or simple exercises. Pain may occur in two places - beneath or unde…

    Jun 30, 2017

  • General: Diagnosing Mortons Neuroma

    OverviewA neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that may develop in various parts of the body. The most common neuroma in the foot is a Morton?s neuroma, which occurs…

    Jun 04, 2017

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