• Jackie 0hmg said:
    supp Jul 30
  • AbsolutelyRandomRawr!! Bedtime Stories Inc. said:
    oh shit, thats a cool car man, haha. yeah totally man, Jonas brothers, one gay band there. i hate all Disney channel bands and music. Jul 29
  • Kenzie Katastrophe said:
    heyyy nothing you? hah no problem and thanks :D I try haha Jul 29
    hello there. im brittney :] Jul 29
  • Brooke512744 said:
    haha great :) i'm alyssa....no short bio. haha Jul 29
  • Just Jacalyn said:
    Haha. Hi, Mykelti. I'm alright. How's your summer been? Jul 29
  • The Hauntress said:
    OMG!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!! I was sposed to go see it tonight but I was sposed to see it with my man but he wasn't able to make it so we didn't go. but we are probly gonna go see the Dark Knight or The Mummy on Saturday. Jul 29
  • Megs... said:
    sounds good. talk to you later:) Jul 29
  • polly said:
    lol its alritee Jul 29
  • Megs... said:
    That's pretty awesome. I play Flute, Saxophone and bass. Jul 29
  • polly said:
    Heyy, I'mPaulina I'm almost 16.. I have a late birthday :S haha thank you I wish I could say the same but I can't even see your pictures Jul 29
  • hannah said:
    yeah, I get that alot. hahaha Jul 29
  • Megs... said:
    I know what you mean, write music as well, only mine is not as good. Do you play anything? Jul 29
  • Megs... said:
    nice! i dont drive, it kinda scares me. (i read your blog and i think your song is really good) Jul 29
  • Megs... said:
    :) oh btw im 16 as well so... what's going on? Jul 29
  • hannah said:
    how old do you think I look? Jul 29
  • Megs... said:
    hello... that is a pretty cool name im Meagan but pretty much everyone calls me Megs how are you? Jul 29
  • Carla Isabelle said:
    you dont have to say anything. idk. lmfao, tell me what you did today XD Jul 29
  • hannah said:
    Lol. ah I'm 15 >< I feel so young. Jul 29
  • Carla Isabelle said:
    haha its all good :] Jul 29

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hey wats up the name is mykelti!!! i skateboard for dcs and es shoe companys im the lead singer of a screamo band i play the drums/sing/piano/and guitar/and bass i love texting/talking hanging with my friends and meeting new people and yes music is my life get to know me and ill be your bestfriend like me hate me im pretty sure it wont break me yes im a bad boy i like to have fun and party my cell phone is my bestfriend my friends mean the world to me mess with them and ill fuck you up im adopted and hate my new mom my adopted dad died last year fuck the bullshit i hate posers be real with me please and ill love you 4ver my friends say im the whitest black dude ever lets talk im sure ill learn to love you... :) this is my life ... lets talk..

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