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Boys along with Girls its here the strange along with mysterious!

See with regard to oneself and stay mystified becoming a new member of on this guarantee!

It offers found town to reveal inside arrival of your troupe throughout trio's curiosity.

A theater business in co. with thieves, bandits, gypsies along with pirate kings.

They ransom entertainment using a scheme in order to allure and also allude with.

Towards the actual Mimicking celebratory..

Of a new inheritance heiress along with resembling.

Those that are victoriously glorious within charm.

The posture of your posse clowning pranksters within jest portrayed.

For these people windup your carnival.

Masking the traitorous mischievous gimmicks for that gamble.

This may always be the rendezvous which can be a secret in hush of a kiss created promise.

Satisfactory for you to whispered invites jackpotted.

For the actual devious inquiry for you to treachery with regard to solace satire.

Its purgatory for you to attain the facts through born liars lips which lie.

So prey its fable because they perform upon display showcasing for laughs..

The glitter involving snow any hope playing the actual imposers amusement.

Of existence educated throughout applause.

Extravagance undertaking set inside the fakery continuously.

For the particular instated fame ridiculed Pirate Kings Hack inside the indulgence.. Greed.

Hosted using the ticket in order to wonderment confirmed inside tirades trickery.

So enter ladies, as well as gentlemen regarding this atmosphere's grandeur glamor.

In your infamous decree decorum involving paramount professions.

Eloquently inside the aristocratic flaunt finery.

The cheat? An enjoyment betrayed in circus affairs.

For this magical trick is simple with the gullible assuming it.

In the retraced and also revamped performance to have got an ovations sentiments.

But, its not necessarily over, not really finished for the crowned crowd.

The wicked is among us, a rebellion without moaning rioting..

Trying for you to ruin our romancing towards the audience..

Our nefarious the proclaimed boy king inside decadence debauchery.

Full regarding euphoria evoked pertaining to you've been alive but, not really living.

Till you've seen your pianist play. The musical box..

His melancholic melodies syncing for memories congratulates.

Its comically cynical while they praise in attendance ..

A fantasy Paradise insinuates. Inside the particular fade away..

For the actual ennui create a induced allowance.. In Order To always be diffused..

In fliers dispersing coming from term regarding mouth..

Are you still listening? Interested Yet?

Want to attend inside audience..? Its appreciated for that pleasure ..

The mockery which can't be scandalous is contained.

For this status with out your nameless encountered the particular faade.

Its just about all that of the fortune teller inside parlor.

A royal charade for this ventriloquist pulling the actual strings mouthing along..

At Your Rear Of your puppeteer as he parades with a marionettes movements motion.

They shall allow the demonstrate begin with accordance. Speaking.

The music's playing with regard to your, thanks with regard to visiting notice within..

This chaos. Produced lipstick mistakes whisper..

For a lot more in the moan of celebration in the escaping laughter pouring..

In a snaps clapping trickery..

Of circuses disappearing in tents traveling.. Evanescence... inside the gone.. remembrance..

Thanks pertaining to Studying Yes I do know this is lengthy nevertheless I honestly believe its really worth it.. Therefore be Responsive and Depart your own input!

Posted Jan 18, 2016 at 10:51am



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