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  • nickgw21 said:
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  • alixandra. said:
    Hey ! Member me? :] Jan 04
  • Liz Sparks said:
    hey!how are you? i´d like to share some music with you! BM gots a NEW RECORD!!! it´s alternative music. you can listen it on http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo if you like it become his fan please! =) leave your comment please! Nov 29
  • betty said:
    wow i havnt been on here in ages ha uhm im not up to much ehhh just at schoool LOL you? Nov 09
  • A suicidal Tragedy (Not in use) said:
    I missss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:O reply to me!!! Oct 02
  • . said:
    Yep, I know what you mean! That'd be cool if they did another one like Kountry Gentleman, with their goofiness and all. :D I saw some of the Steelers game on tv! Only because there was absolutely nothing else to watch. ;D Did they win? Sep 13
  • ϟ punk princess ϟ My Music = Believe = www.purevolume.com/believeband said:
    Hey, yesterday i went to see Final Destination 3D with my friend Sean (: it was CRAZY tbh, i kept jumping every second at the stuff flying towards me. I know its had bad reviews but i enjoyed it! Then we went for chinese & nearly ran outta money but got free prawn crackers which was lovely. Its kinda bad tho watching those films tho cuz im already a very paranoid and worring person so to think the slitest thing can kill you :| it only really gets me for a day or two after then im back to star gazing whilst crossing the road & being my old daydreaming self haha. How about yourself? Sep 12
  • tay. said:
    that sounds like fun :) so whats up mister? Sep 11
  • Aurora said:
    from the top of my head i have a couple beatles, queen, tom petty and the heartbreakers, the beach boys, billy joel and lots of david bowie records. Sep 08
  • . said:
    Coolness! I'm glad you got to see them! Let's see, my summer was alright, nothing too extraordinary. In June I think it was, I considered going to Atlanta Fest to see FF5, but it didn't work out. :/ Have you seen the new FF5 Dance or Die music video? Well, they do this awesome dance routine thingy at the end of the video, and my sis and I have been trying to learn it over the summer. Yep, we're hardcore FF5 fans. ;D It's ridiculous though, I don't see how they do it! But I'm not a natural dancer like they are, so yeah. Our muscles have been sore, and of course we'll never be as good as the FF5 guys, but we're trying our best. It's been fun. :) Oh and I start school tomorrow! :P 11th grade...yay. Advanced Math AND chemistry! Double yay! NOT! xD Sep 07


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  • General: a new blog site

    i have a new site where i blog. this does not mean i won't continue to blog on here. most of my posts will be on this site: http://tylerduke.tumblr.com/

    Oct 23, 2008

  • General: The answer to the question.

    i just asked my friend a question i think deserves a blog. why is almost all the great pop punk music circa 2005 and earlier? i know there are some good bands around to…

    Oct 18, 2008

  • General: My Top 3

    here are my top three reasons why i enjoyed this weekend: 1. penn state moved up to #3 in the poll. what a crazy weekend for games. thankfully penn state demolished…

    Oct 13, 2008

  • General: (No Title Can Describe)

    what a beautiful day outside! the foliage was tinged with the colors of autumn under a blue sky. the breeze had a slight chill to it; a balance with the warm sun. it's…

    Oct 09, 2008

  • General: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

    that is one of my favorite lyrics. this weekend has been great. why? i feel that i've done a variety of things. i didn't get stuck in a rut of doing just one or two thi…

    Oct 06, 2008



NEWW!-- i'm tyler. post hardcore and pop punk make me smile. i love driving. cities are wonderful places. new york city and pittsburgh are my favorite. i want to visit seattle, chicago, and los angeles. writing and singing are great. i spend a lot of time doing both. i love talking to people. seeing the similarities and differences between us all remind me how unique each one of us is. making people laugh brings me joy. i enjoy life. i love going to concerts. i love it when a warm, summer breeze blow against my face and through my hair. california intrigues me. i'd love to visit/move there someday. music is something i am very passionate about. my goal to be an a&r for a record label. underOATH and Fall Out Boy are my favorite bands. i don't care what you think about them. i listen to the music i like regardless of what other people think. you should to. be true to yourself, and be real with people. i like starry, night skies. my favorite live bands are Family Force 5, The Cab, and We Are the Fury. i'm trying to buy a prius. i like them plus they get great gas mileage. i want to make a difference in people's lives. my blogging site: http://tylerduke.tumblr.com/

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