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Golden Retrievers caught the hearts of countless nationalities due to its extraordinary nature. These pets are not just smart but they're also lively that’s http://www.golden-retriever-guide.com/golden-retriever-information/ why there’s no wonder why lots of dog lovers are attracted to them. This is the primary reason why when dealing with popularity, Golden Retriever breeds always get to the top. If you’re going to raise a Retriever pet, you should have sufficient and appropriate knowledge about them.


Before you choose to keep a dog, it is crucial to find out how huge it can grow. Bigger dogs are definitely harder to handle than the minute breeds. Golden Retrievers are largely huge. The average size of an adult male Retriever is 24 inches tall and can weigh 75 pounds. In most cases, adult females can reach up to 22.5 inches tall and weigh 65 pounds.


If you are looking for dogs that are naturally kind and sweet, a Golden Retriever is right for you. Either at home or at any place of work, they always get along with people quickly. They never fail to make their own owners happy. Because of this, the owners must observe early socialization. They can also be trained because they are always willing to learn new things, which can boost their positive nature too.


In a day, a Golden Retriever should be fed with two to three cups of very nutritious dry foods. But still, you should take into account its size, weight, and age when feeding them. Observing a waist in your dog proves that you have given him the right amount of nourishment. To be able to figure out if you're giving your pet the right nutrition, going to a vet is the ideal option.


In most cases, Goldens are perfectly fit. Nonetheless, a few health issues such as cataracts, hip and elbow dysplasia, Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis, and severe cases of allergies can be obtained by Golden Retrievers. Nonetheless, you can reduce your odds of getting a dog that is vulnerable to these conditions by talking to the dog breeder. Among all people, it is the breeder who can determine if the puppy came from sickly or healthy parents. By that, you will be guaranteed that your puppy will have less odds of having any of those illnesses.

Care and Grooming

A Golden Retriever pet likes to move around. Since they can’t last being still, you need to let them carry out certain exercises that will keep them energetic. They will love it more if you play with them, retrieving game will be ideal as they are obviously great at locating things. They have to participate in a vigorous exercise two times a day because limiting their movements can cause them behavioral issues. You should also observe proper grooming. Bathe them and don’t forget to cut their nails and clean their teeth. They shed heavily throughout winter and fall and moderately on summer and spring so you must prepare for it.

If you are looking for a dog that can work as your working buddy at home or the workplace, then Golden Retriever is the right one for you. Whichever purpose they might serve, it is important to keep the above info in mind to be successful in raising this incredible dog.

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