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its time for me to end i do not blong here cause i made mistake for my self i can never handle things on my own when im down everday i need someone to be right next beside me but im always alone with nothing nothing inside i cry down told my self thats its time for to go now i had enough just being here why i cant never see whats behide me why i can never kil my self whats holding my life ahead why i can never can never see whats ahead of me why everone can see whats behind theres its like were so control to stay but i dont cuase had enough of this fucking drama that i have to stay its kill  me kill me so bad i can never handle my life im always bleeding my eyes out cause i cant live this way i can never change i dont know what happen to me i dont remember who i was before its seem like im lost like everone else no ecsape from this pain i have to live in my hole life people are just sick and tierd the way they are and they live why everthing has to be so fuck up all of us why god dont give us a chance what we want in are lives why why why why we cant see whats holding behide are lives why do we have to wait for time to come its just a waste of time for all of us we all know that are tierd for being what we are we all know that we had enough of this shit that we have to be inside the pain we feel for me its over its over i had enough i cant take this shit anymore my life dose not belong here evertime i cry so deadly in my eyes why why why i can not see whats holding my life ahead of me why do i have to wait and see its just a waste a time for me just a waste a time for me

Posted Oct 26, 2010 at 1:33pm



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  • General: just a waste of time for me

    its time for me to end i do not blong here cause i made mistake for my self i can never handle things on my own when im down everday i need someone to be right next bes…

    Oct 26, 2010

  • General: time is gone

    well time is gone for me i dont know what else what i do im just a weak person i hate my self i cant never handle my life what im going throw yesterday =/ hmm yesterday…

    Aug 30, 2010

  • General: whos with me to see whats ahead of all of us

    well its done its gone everthing i had i lost my last year in high school i qutie this past monday and again im on the roof deperss i think i should just give up everth…

    Aug 27, 2010

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    nothing well never change i try to change a batter person but i cant being the top of my house all depress i cant handle it i just wish someone would help me and that w…

    Jun 09, 2010

  • General: it is the end i lost everthing ='(

    well i'm done it the end of me i dont no body and i will never have noboy in my life just going to be single fover to i die i wont be happy no more and my herart died i…

    Apr 27, 2010



hi my name is Troy but as you know everyone call me Troyboy i like that name i like Rock music im pretty shy and i have a band it' call the day of the new beginning and iam 18 year's old and iam not single anymore i have a girlfriend her name is sandra(tats meh lolz) she everthing to the world to me i love her so much in my heart and she my dork i love her to death she like the moon and we both love the moon haha i love you baby so so so so so so so so so so much muah muah i cant wait to see you and i promise we well see each other i'm not going to let that promise brake i promise MUAH MUAH =D what i like to do is talk being funny skateboarding writing song and all other things im so nice's im trying to make new friend's i love making new friend's what i really love is hardcore so tell me something that hardcore something funny something that make me laugh so if anyone who want's to talk to me (ii juss hacked troys purevolume well tis would b sandra troys gf hehe ii love hym so much he rllyy means evrythin 2 meh ii dnt knw wat ii would do with out hym i'd b completely lost...he is rllyy thee greatest guyy yuu'll ever meet he's also thee sweetest guyy yuu'll evr meet nnd he is such a big dorkk lolz nnd he's also weird bt in a good wayy ii love all of tis bout hym he's juss a big laugh hehe .^_^. yuu'll meet neone lyk hym he's juss a unique guyy which ii absolutelyy love cuz im thee same wayy he is also a amazing singer nnd song write he has wrote meh some beautiful songs nnd sang them 2 meh they've made meh cryy there rllyy touching hehe he can put meh 2 sleep lolz wen he sings 2 meh cuz his voice is juss so relaxin wow ii juss love hym so much he makes meh happyy he makes meh feel juss so alive he means thee world 2 meh...well tats all ii got 2 sayy hehe te amor tu eres todo mi vida tu eres mi amor y siempre vas aser mi amor por ce te cero mucho lolz srryy if yuu dnt understand tat im hispanic so yay add meh if yuu'd lyk)

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