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  • General: just a waste of time for me

    its time for me to end i do not blong here cause i made mistake for my self i can never handle things on my own when im down everday i need someone to be right next bes…

    Oct 26, 2010

  • General: time is gone

    well time is gone for me i dont know what else what i do im just a weak person i hate my self i cant never handle my life what im going throw yesterday =/ hmm yesterday…

    Aug 30, 2010

  • General: whos with me to see whats ahead of all of us

    well its done its gone everthing i had i lost my last year in high school i qutie this past monday and again im on the roof deperss i think i should just give up everth…

    Aug 27, 2010

  • General: nothing well never change

    nothing well never change i try to change a batter person but i cant being the top of my house all depress i cant handle it i just wish someone would help me and that w…

    Jun 09, 2010

  • General: it is the end i lost everthing ='(

    well i'm done it the end of me i dont no body and i will never have noboy in my life just going to be single fover to i die i wont be happy no more and my herart died i…

    Apr 27, 2010



As you all know I'm Troy I'm 22 finish school three years ago I'm not in collage at the moment i don't it here where i live in a small ass town lol I'm pretty shy at times but at least i can talk Haha I'm single not looking anymore pretty much done with love it been five years i been alone but still have my friends and family I'm here to make friends get to know me more add me X)

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