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Age: 30

Location: Corpus Christi, TX


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Shadow of The Sacrifice

Christian / Rock / Punk

Jackon, MS


Roadside Assistance

Christian / Rock / Acoustic

Corpus Christi, TX

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Silhouette of the Savior

Christian / Punk / Rock

Corpus Christi, TX

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Rock / Christian / Metal

Corpus Christi, TX

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Christian / Rock / Alternative

Corpus Christi, TX

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  • LEANNE~N~TREY said:
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 09
  • christchoirmember said:
    Hey Trey, how\'s it going? I can\'t talk much got a huge paper to write. Gosh! I wish I didn\'t have to actually PASS my classes to graduate. Haha. Haven\'t talked to you in a long time. Just wanted to say hi. Feb 07
  • miss_callie said:
    very true. :] Feb 04
  • miss_callie said:
    cool, cool. i play basss. and a bit of guitar. and i sing. so,, i guess, quite a bit. Feb 03
  • miss_callie said:
    what kind of music do you guys play? what instrument do you play? hah, questions. that\'s great. praise God. it really sounds like you\'re band has a vision. that\'s super! me and my friend kind of have a band...it\'s just hard finding time to write some music together what with conflicting schedules and all. but when we do we won\'t have much trouble with recording,, cause my brother\'s like..super sound man. Feb 01
  • miss_callie said:
    my weeks kind of stressful what with school and my job. but overall i\'m doing spectacular. as usual. how about you? Feb 01
  • tone369 said:
    yeah, you\'re loved by god for sure! stay blessed and your pick looks cool. i want it too! lol Jan 29
  • said:
    Thats pretty amazing!!!!!!!!!!! so... keep going God bless :D Jan 28
  • said:
    Its very cool to read that no matter where you live, theres always people with the desire to see lives changed... keep going... God bless Jan 27
  • tone369 said:
    thanks, i recentely noticed the reason i\'ve been doing music was the faith i have in me. so now i\'m starting to study about relationship between god and human, in church at Yokohama. well, it\'s a long story. maybe tell me yours. Jan 22


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Ok, I am only going to say this once. My real name is Damond Marshall, III. Yes I am the third but as I always say, third times the charm! I play for JESUS CHRIST in this really awesome band Silhouette of the Savior a.k.a SOS I also play a little guitar. The band officially started a couple of days after my 19th birthday so I think that is cool. It has always been a desire of mine to reach young people for Christ and encourage them through the gift of music. I am also heavily involved in my church, working with this really Awesome youth group called FIREPROOF YOUTH MINISTRIES. It gets rough at times but I truly desire to see all of them succeed in what ever God has in store for them!

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