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This week Glenn and also Susie discuss/kvetch concerning the confusion over the particular collision associated with Apple Music, iCloud music Library, along with iTunes Match. There's various other news too, just like Apple denying business Insider's document which it absolutely was starting an MVNO, as well as an additional rumor with regards to Siri transcribing your own voicemail someday.

. let this podcast be your umbrella, and I promise to prevent with the strained weather analogies.

Glenn additionally up-to-date us on a couple very scary-sounding vulnerabilities http://greatbigpodcast.com that could affect Macs. Red Hat makes enterprise software program reliable inside the world's most demanding information centers. Locate out the items they can do pertaining to your own house from redhat.com.

Every day is stunning within the Mac world, but now then storms gather in the iCloud.

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Show notes

The collision associated with Apple Music, iCloud Audio Library, as well as iTunes Match is nonetheless confusing. Since will nonetheless be fairly confusing.

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To discover prior episodes in our audio podcasts, visit Macworld's podcast page. security analysis is nice and also necessary, as well as you mustn't be also freaked out--Glenn can easily explain why

Posted Aug 06, 2015 at 8:02am



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