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Chey Thomas

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Blues / Rock / Jam Band

Toledo, OH

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Rock / Indie / Pop

Pittsburgh, PA

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Against All Authority Pro

Punk / Ska

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Escape The Fate Pro

Rock / Rock / Rock

Las Vegas, NV

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  • Hate makes you blind while love makes you see. said:
    yo sup!lolim gr8t u? Jan 26
  • Hate makes you blind while love makes you see. said:
    heya! Jan 25
  • Hate makes you blind while love makes you see. said:
    heya! Jan 25
  • said:
    im not quit sure what that means but thanx...lol Oct 12
  • Oah_iTs_Megan x3 said:
    well. when you say nice .. nice to me is bunches of clothes. money. named brand things. and yah, i pretty got all of that. =] haha. i usually get what i want. but there are occasions that i dont, hah. oah well. i got what i wanted this year. so im happy. =] haha. how old are you. Oct 11
  • Oah_iTs_Megan x3 said:
    ah, ic. mine was just saturday. =] haha. & im about to go early shopping for my birthday stuff. like clothes & whatever else i want. =] Oct 09
  • Leavin It Mello said:
    No problem...ill be sure to keep the word out... Oct 06
  • Oah_iTs_Megan x3 said:
    ah, thats pretty sweet. you actually took time to read my profile thing. hah. thats pretty sweet. uh. well, i practically live for taco bell. its my best fast food place to eat. yay. =] hah. so what are you up to. and whens your bday. justtt curious. Oct 03
  • Oah_iTs_Megan x3 said:
    ah, well thank you ! =] so what sup. Oct 03
  • said:
    your very welcome Oct 01


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  • General: dead with rage

    In my drunken rage i threw the bottle, like a broken unturned page, landing with a certian smash as if demanding it had a say. lying there as my anger poored, the scene…

    Sep 23, 2006

  • General: Dude!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant wait till download 2007 and its 4 hole god dam months away. if anyone is reading this (which there probley not) and is going 2 download (they probley not doin th…

    Sep 12, 2006

  • General: ??!!!!!!

    Hey i sometimes find my self wondering how the the world is so bad with war and death, and how the people with the power decide to do nothing about it. I mean there are…

    Aug 10, 2006

  • General:

    Hello world dont u just luv chillin to ur fav bands not carein bout anythin, but then commin bac to reality, what a great big slap in the face..........life goes on k…

    Jun 17, 2006



hey if u like me add me if not ill never know??!!$$ Yo please let me know what you thought of DEAD WITH RAGE its one of my blogs just drop me a comment anytime ROCK! i didnt think urmom.com was a real webpage lol

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