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Victoria, BC

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Death From Above 1979 Pro

Post Hardcore / Indie / Rock

Toronto, ON

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Box With God

Other / Electronic / Experimental


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Danko Jones

Rock / Alternative


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My Infinite Dark Illusions


Palm Coast, FL

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  • Second Act Overture said:
    Awesome! I\'d like to hear what you could do with my song \"Yes? I\'m Synthetic!\" but if you see another song you think you could do better with, let me know. Tell me which you picked and you\'re mailing address and I\'ll send over the masters and some Christmas presents!!! Haha. You\'re pretty much the most awesome person ever. Dec 14
  • fadtastic said:
    hey, I put you and Second Act Overture on a cd for a friend and she definitely loved you both. Oct 22
  • hallibehs said:
    Hah, It looks like I was, huh. Neat... that hasn\'t happened before. Aug 10
  • hallibehs said:
    I know... I\'ve been a member of purevolume since November 2004 and I don\'t have a clue who the people on my list are. Aug 09
  • hallibehs said:
    I figure I should start communicating with the people on my friends list. Aug 07
  • stationary._.marshmellows said:
    well, it\'s interesting and different..i like it *smiles* Jul 17
  • use-dontabuse said:
    You\'re a very strange person, The Brian. ( )( ) (o_0) here\'s a bunny. Jun 06
  • 3ternally 3xpelled said:
    Sounds like a pretty good time. Jun 03
  • 3ternally 3xpelled said:
    Oh? And where might that be? Jun 01
  • 3ternally 3xpelled said:
    Yess. And the education continues! May 20


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  • General: I'm thinking of...

    A number between 1 and 10... What is it?

    Apr 26, 2006

  • General: Holy Crap!

    ... Thats all...It's crap... And it's holy...

    Apr 19, 2006

  • General: WTF!

    Did Dj Work go through my friend list and ask all of you to listen to his music?!? Like...WTF! Haha...

    Apr 06, 2006

  • General: Common....

    Seriously...Whats wrong with being angry? Am I not allowed to be? If I wasn't angry, I wouldn't make music, thus, I would get so ngry my head would pop off...Although t…

    Apr 02, 2006

  • General: Dragons!

    I have come to the conclusion that I like dragons...

    Mar 30, 2006



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