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Down To Earth Approach Pro

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New York, NY

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Forgive Durden

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Bellevue, WA

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Hurt VA

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At the Drive In Pro

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United States

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  • panicdisaster said:
    well hey what up!! How to Buy Prednisone Online testosterone patches buy buy soma online Apr 18
  • carmencupcake said:
    heya how r ya? xxx Sep 26
  • djwork said:
    hello im roger aka \"ELECTROSTAUB\" presenting Electro House from Zurich Switzerland! ... check out my other profile \"STERNENSTAUB\" too! ... if you have time, check my songs, and please leave a comment about your opinion. im glad about every critic. ... (btw..i added you) hugs Sep 21
  • Natcrack said:
    lol thanks, the one on the left! like your bands tooo. Mar 18
  • carmencupcake said:
    yeah I know what u mean its really nic out here but dunno how long thats gonna last Mar 15
    Hi! if you like rock & pop listen to this band, if you want you cant add yourself as a FAN or leave your comment, bye and greetings! Hola! si te gusta el rock & pop tienes que escuchar esta banda! si quieres te puedes agregar como fan o dejar tu comentario, adis! http://www.purevolume.com/ALLASCA http://www.allasca.com Mar 14
  • carmencupcake said:
    haha that fisrts pics funny whats it like where u live? xx Mar 14
  • carmencupcake said:
    not that good yet line in the south east where abouts r u?u should get a pic of u up here and it d be easier if u had a myspace xx Mar 13
  • carmencupcake said:
    started a while ago cant play v well cos teaching myself u should learn and I dont make my own songs yet Mar 13
  • carmencupcake said:
    I\'m learning but Im learning on th electric I\'ve got u play? do u have a myspace? xx Mar 13


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  • General: Birthday Crap

    Yea.. pretty sure this was my least favorite bithday I've ever had. Wow did today go horribly wrong. I hope next year's is better.

    Mar 15, 2007

  • General: Being a nerd and the bonuses that come with it.

    Today in my C++ class the teacher said the how ever many decimal digits we can say pi to that is how many minutes we get off class early. Well a lot of people said 3.14…

    Mar 14, 2007

  • General: Cocaine can be a great song too~

    While looking at the homepage of purevolume I saw an ad/preview for Strata's new song Cocaine. I clicked on it to see how they song... I was blown away! :D This is my n…

    Mar 12, 2007

  • General: Soon to be 21

    March 15, I will be 21 how cool is that?

    Mar 11, 2007



I'm new here, my name is Sam. Nice to meet you, I wish I had a friend here :D I live in Minnesota, it's pretty nice here. I am 21 years old now, and I live with my brother and used to live with my sister too but she moved out :P I love music! Pretty much anything: Rock Electronica Post Hardcore Powerpop A lot of Indie stuff Some Emo stuff If anyone wants to chat with me send me a messege on msn @ SamJulie61506@gmail.com And most importantly... Love your God for he loves you!!

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