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  • Michael Martens said:
    Thanks for being a fan of Michael Martens on PureVolume! Your support and encouragement helps me so much. The band has moved to Los Angeles and needs your help. Continue your support by becoming a fan at purevolume.com/minusned Aug 03
  • Sweet Cake said:
    Hey guyz check this HardCore/Alternative group from Brazil http://www.purevolume.com/BiggestLie :)Escute Biggest Lie - HardCore/Alternativo http://www.myspace.com/biggestlierockers :)thanksssss Jul 06
  • sydbaby. said:
    hey thanks for adding me(: Jul 05
  • xxxcarissaxxx MAN DUDE said:
    oh ya i know how that is lol i love goin insaine though haha no i dont actually i need one thougn i just dont know how to do it lol Jul 03
  • xxxcarissaxxx MAN DUDE said:
    nothing much u Jul 01
  • suicidalXbutterflies (Lila) said:
    life is okay. im listening to korn right now :) its makin me feel good. music always does.. Jun 29
  • simplyshawna said:
    lol yeah for sure, but im warning you now, its real crap compared to yours.. once i get the energy to post some stuffs, i will ^_^ Jun 04
  • Aaron said:
    yeah, but it kinda messes with your head a little and its like AHHH!! idk what to think right now. Jun 03
  • Aaron said:
    its basiclly starts with this guy and he is in a dream and everyone he meets tells him there philisophical ideas and beliefs, and as it goes on it touches on subjects like what it means to exist, reality, human nature, ect.. kind of a mind fuck Jun 01
  • Aaron said:
    Yes, its means freaking great, I am going stuff on my labtop and watching waking life in my room. Which is actually a cool movie despite the fact that it doesn't really have a plot. Jun 01


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    Apr 27, 2009

  • General: no answers from daddy tonight

    did it take a momentto collect yourselfbefore you swallowed the barrel?was sweat blurring your vision,coating your fingers,making it difficultto pull the trigger?did…

    Apr 18, 2009



music is the only thing that makes any sense my name is Taylor Jean i'm 18 years young i wish somebody could understand what i'm trying to say spontaneous and impulsive singing and writing are my passions i take pictures, to capture the little beauty i find i snowboard, the speed is addicting i hang with maryJ, to slow down my brain it NEVER shuts up. i drink too much tea i like blood...alot there's a few things wrong with my head but im sure there are a few wrong with yours too. i probably dont believe in YOUR god but i believe in something sorry to break it to ya but nobody gets out of here alive so i choose to make up my own rules to live by.. not follow "god's" i'm gunna have fun while im stuck here i have thrown everything society considers "success" out the window and created my own meaning i am infatuated with the sky, no matter how ugly we make the world, the sky will always be beautiful, untouchable. i like girls and boys i think that anyone can fall in love with anyone. no judgment here i love to meet new people ^_^ feel free i'de love to hear you ramble. AIM-TrAYLORtrashhh i am not a piece of the manipulated living everything on here is my own. (please recycle)

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