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Not all herbs are the same for growing. When selecting the best herbs to grow indoors, it's important to understand that there are particular varieties that do grow much better outdoors. So don't be mistaken. To get a better understanding, here is some important information before heading off to your local nursery.


Firstly, it's necessary to recognize what are the best herbs to grow inside. The key is to observe their size because this will be an indication on whether it will be easily controlled by you. A perfect example of this is the rosemary plant that can quickly develop into quite a large bush so, a reasonable amount of space in a larger pot is needed. Other delicious herbs, such as thyme and sage can grow quite well in smaller pots and can be easily trimmed to a manageable height for their position. 


Whilst inside, the herb plants won't require full sunlight and the herbs that require only a partial degree of shade will grow quite well indoors. A window sill is an ideal position where you can place your pots. If not, there are other really good areas to grow them, although this may mean that you will need to purchase a grow light. Depending on what type of light you're looking for, the halogen light bulb is quite cheap and will do just as well as the more expensive grow lights. 


When contemplating the best herbs to grow, I also suggest using the best quality potting soil for the best result and not to skimp on cheaper soils available. Make sure that the soil drains well because herbs don't like too much water. In fact, they hate drowning in water. You'll find that many of the superior brand soils will also incorporate plant food and other ingredients, including fertilizers and this will certainly assist your herbs to grow and maintain the appropriate PH level for your indoor garden. 


When considering planting the best herbs for growing in pots, you must think about their watering conditions and the environment they're in. There are herb plants such as marjoram, oregano and thyme that prefer to be completely dry before watering them. These luscious Mediterranean herbs love a warmer and dryer climate, although herbs such as, mint and rosemary do enjoy moisture conditions all year round.


What are best herbs to grow inside your home? The choice is huge when deciding upon the best herbs to grow, as long as you always take particular care in what they individually need. Apart from creating a fresh and edible kitchen display and providing clean air naturally, their aroma seeping throughout the home and adding the flavour to your home cooked meals is a delight. So, rather than believe it all sounds like too much for you, simply choose a few herbs to give it a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

For more information: http://bloomingpods.com/what-are-the-best-herbs-to-grow-indoors/

Posted Apr 11, 2015 at 11:03pm



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