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  • said:
    hey whats up? i hope u accept my add request, i saw u on monty are I\'s favs list... i friggin love that band. we play their cd in between bands at our shows :-P if you get a chance, if you like MAI, i bet youd like my band, Stealing Jane... let me know what you think of us ok? id love to see us on your favs! ttyl! -bryce Apr 21
  • Chauntecleer said:
    Hello there! Click on the picture to listen!!! Hit me back and be a friend!!! Thanks and God bless, Rich Apr 19
  • said:
    hahah niiiiice. & will do. i\'m going to see two shows in march: boys like girls & cartel & the hush sound! i\'m so excited. so whats kicking in wilmington? Feb 25
  • said:
    hey you :] sorry it\'s been so long. what\'s new with you? Jan 21
  • said:
    oohhh yeah nothing new is really going on hree. we just dropped bea and mckenzie off at camp greystone. and i got to go back-to-school shopping at the mall of georgia. [delias is my new favourite store].. ohh well thats really about it besides me realizing how much i still hate school. ohh yeah im doing cross country =/ which is pretty much the funnest thing ever lol Aug 04
  • said:
    okay im going to have to apologize for taking so long but i just havent had time to get on here. i am terribly sorry about the car breaking down and yalls situation with that. that has to suck big time. what kind of car exactly did he get? also you got the luckiest schedule ever. i have to be there the whole day!!!!!!!!!grrrr. and mines pretty sucky too. but im def looking forward to thanksgivving and seeing you then : ] auf wiederzehn [im taking german haha] Aug 04
  • said:
    ohh wow you sure can type a lot : ] thats exciting that she\'s going to the deb ball and both her dresses sound absolutely gorgeous. well, nothing new has really been going on here. ive just been working and babysitting. but mckenzie and mum and bea went to state for the swim meet thing. and mckenzie got seventh overall in the entire state : ]] so she was really excited. but um other than that i dont know what to say except for you def need to see you me and dupree. it was killer. xx caroline Jul 21
  • said:
    yeah me too i like the old music loadds. but hows it going up in wilmington?any new shows coming up.....oh and when do you start school? we unfortunately return on the first : [ Jul 21
  • said:
    oooooooooooooh thats alanis morisette [or however you spell it]. sssssssssweeeeeet. Jul 18
  • said:
    miss you : [ Jul 18


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ya so im from wilmington, nc the home of one tree hill (the girl engaged to chad michael murray went to highschool with me my freshmen year and her sister is in a couple of my classes) and dawson's creek and a couple of movies that weren't huge successes. we're also the home of the uncw seahawks and the north carolina azaela festival. we've got an awesome beach like 5 minutes away from where my house is. i'm in to alot of indie and underground music and pretty much any band that can rock the right way. i love concerts even though i havent been to many since none of them ever come to our town except for the azaela festival. i've seen something corporate (spring before the cancer and jack's mannequin) featuring all-american rejects and action action; ya it was a pretty awesome concert. my friends call me crazy 'cause that's just what i am. so ya that's pretty much me and i just wrote al that junk because im bored and i'm really here for some new music since that is the place for that.

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