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  • Joefy said:
    Hey friend, havent spoken in a bit, like the new 'due Nov 09
  • Joefy said:
    Hey! Hows your Christmas shopping goin? Dec 22
  • B-rett said:
    everything with my knee is back to normal. i can play as much basketball as i want and im hopin to snowboard lots this season. i just bought a whole new setup. its a beauty. im stoked. something else new is i will be movin in like whenever i want pretty much. im pretty excited to get out of the 'rents house. go to school. become a real certified carpenter. mhmmm. you should just move to canada. Oct 09
  • B-rett said:
    ashley. i miss you. Oct 09
  • Joefy said:
    Hey! No no you're fine I'm the one that need to check up on this site more, goodness its been almost 3 weeks!! Thats so cool how was your trip to wine country? Must be nice to have interesting friends that actually want to go places and do things, all mine ever want is to go to local bars and even thats a stretch...pff! I'm doing well, hating all this heat because I work on the tennis courts all summer and am taking this redic class with 5 hours of homework a night ugh! But I'm planning (hopefully) a big trip at the end of the summer as a reward :) What have you been up to?? Jun 15
  • Mark said:
    well for one you look beautiful and you seem intelligent and interesting. May 25
  • Mark said:
    i hope that your ready to get to know each other. May 14
  • Joefy said:
    Hey you, what new in the world? I miss your comments! Apr 01
  • N1mR0d said:
    hey! long time no talk haha just thought id say hi and see whats new with u Jan 25
  • ProbablyHot said:
    Well there\'s a blast from the past. Thanks for the note, Ashley. I can\'t say I had forgotten about you, but it has been a dang while. Hope everything for you is well. Happy 2008! Jan 01


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    Sep 18, 2006

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I am a morning person. Music and sunny mornings make me feel alive. I ooze optimism. It's disgusting. I am 5'12". No, I do not play basketball or volleyball. I don't do drama or spiders. Or mosquitos. Or swarms of lady bugs. Artificial cinnamon flavor is disgusting. Keep your Big Red gum and Red Hots away from me. Starbucks ALWAYS sounds good to me in the morning. I can teach you everything there is to know about unpredictability. I text message while driving. BUT I wear my seat belt. Arizona is my Indy 500 and I drive a racecar. I will forever sugar-coat my words to save your feelings. And, I'm good at it. If its got a beat, I will dance to it. I play a mean air guitar. I specialize mainly in 70's guitar solos. Always sing in the shower. Always be yourself. There are some things you just have to figure out for yourself. I'm Ashley.

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