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  • ROCKER Guy said:
    sup man how have u been hows ur rock rep going good i hope Jun 22
  • jesusrocksmysocks2006 said:
    It\'s high school registration. Picking my classes for next year. I found out I\'m like really ahead of most other kids in the junior class with my credits. I only need 27.50 credits left to graduate for next year. Most of that has to be covered by a practical art or for English and History. I don\'t have to take a Science anymore because I have all of my credits. So I\'m happy about that. I\'m thinking of getting an arrive late or something. Don\'t know if they offered that at your high school or not...... I don\'t know yet. I still have to go for another job interview tomorrow after school. My friend is going with me so she can get a job application for it. She really wants to work with me there. So yeah. I think I\'ll get it though because I\'ve known the interviewer since I was out of my mother\'s womb pretty much.lol So yeah. Thanks, I hope I get it too!*crosses fingers* Mar 29
  • charliesimpsonisfyne said:
    it\'s his last name his first name is john Mar 29
  • jesusrocksmysocks2006 said:
    Yeah, I think every guy has a little bit of a bad side to them. I\'m not a guy but I have a little bit of a bad side, with the attitude. Just don\'t make me mad....lol Nothing too much new. But like I said in the message I have a job interview today after school. Not too nervous about it because I know I\'ll get the job. I\'ve known the manager since I was really little. So no prob! Plus I just finished registring for my classes for next year. I want to take Physics, Econ/Gov\'t, English 4, Algebra 2, Yearbook, Sculpture and Office Aide. So yeah. I want to help send out call slips to people. I like running errands. Especially this year, since I TA for a PE class. I take roll, do the laundry, bring the equipment out. You name it I do it. I\'ve been playing piano for 8 and a half years. I started playing when I was nine and it\'ll be nine years in August. So yeah, I\'m pretty good at it. I\'m learning a couple of movie themes, plus a song that was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. In total I\'m playing 5 songs right now. At least 2 will be in the recital if not 3. The songs are called: \"Raider\'s March\", which is from the Indiana Jones movie, \"Getting to Know You\" which is from The King and I, \"Yesterday\" which is the one written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, \"Ribbons\" which is such a pretty song played with the pedal and \"Calypso Cat\" which is fun to play. Has a nice beat to it. So yeah. I enjoy playing. Do you play guitar or anything? My dad plays bass for the church band and my mom plays flute. So we are definitely a music family.lol Hope you are well and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Love, Kim~ Mar 27
  • jesusrocksmysocks2006 said:
    Hey Gence! How are you today? I just went back to your personal profile and read the blog about how much you LOVE the ladies. Very cute. ;) We need more guys like you out there in the world. Even though women are somehow attracted to the bad boys, we always seem to be attracted most to the good ones. Anyway, what are your plans for Spring Break? Mine is coming up in a couple of weeks! Finally.....Although I have alot of work to do for school before I can actually think of settling down for a while. Now I really am looking forward to graduating.lol Well, I\'ll be on here a while longer and then I have to go practice the piano for a while. I forgot to last night. So yeah. Hope you\'ve had a wonderful day and I\'ll ttyl! Love and Hugs, Kim~ Mar 24
  • charliesimpsonisfyne said:
    now how could i forget you. lol i ended up going with my cousin timmy and my friend pontious Mar 21
  • charliesimpsonisfyne said:
    yeah and lamb of god blew my mind away it was amazing.i was in heaven on friday. my heaven= lamb opf god, trivium, and machinehead concert Mar 20
  • jesusrocksmysocks2006 said:
    No, actually I\'m not well. For some odd reason my best friend doesn\'t want to talk to me. And I really need her there for me so she can listen to my problems. But she won\'t listen AT ALL. Plus I\'ve had a really shitty weekend and some stupid school drama involves me and it\'s very overwhelming. It makes me want to cry so bad. :( And the guy I hate right now just passed by. Grrr... a part of me just wants to kick his ass! I\'m glad your doing well though. :) Mar 19
  • jesusrocksmysocks2006 said:
    Yo, Gence, what\'s going on? Too busy to reply to the message that I sent you almost two weeks ago? Hope you are well. ttyl! ~Kim Mar 19
  • charliesimpsonisfyne said:
    awwe! you called me babe! lol i should have fun the chick that was suppose to buy our tickets isn\'t going now so some of my friends are saying she didnt buy any tickets for us so we might not go now but i texted her and asked her if she got my ticket and she never texted me back. Mar 16


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