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Sergeant: Alright, Janice just send in my next potential recruit.
Trevor: Hey! We wanna join the Army!
Zach: Yepp!
Sergeant: Alright, gentlemen, one at a time. One of you's gonna have to wait outside.
Zach: No, we want to join together!
Trevor: Yeah, we're best friends!
Zach: And we wanna join the Army!
Sergeant: Fine, fine. Did you fill out your paper work?
Zach: Right there!
Sergeant: Alright, let’s see here...
Trevor: We wanna be in a plane!
Zach: Yeah!
Trevor: AWESOME!
Zach: BHAA!
Sergeant: A plane?
Trevor: Yeah, and one of the planes that shoots, not one of those faggy food planes.
Sergeant: Ok, so you want to join the Air Force division?
Trevor: IDunno...
Zach: ...I guess.
Sergeant: That's where the airplanes are.
Trevor, Zach: Ohhhh!
Trevor: *Air* Force, *air*plane. Airplane, Air Force.
Zach: Good, makes sense.
Trevor: Awesome!
Sergeant: Ok, so your preferred assignment would be to–
Zach: OR, we want a gun that's so big that you can't even hold it, and it needs wheels! Ha! Awesome!
Sergeant: Ok, well that sounds more like Infantry.
Trevor: I wanna parachute at night into a city!
Zach: YES!!!
Sergeant: Well, now, that sounds like Air Force.
Zach: Air Force, that sounds cool! It's like, the force of the air!
Trevor: That is so radical!
Sergeant: You guys know that this is a serious decision that you're making...
Zach: Seriously awesome!
Sergeant: There's been a lot of fighting lately, with these terrorist groups...
Zach: Yes! I wanna be a terrorist!
Trevor: The terror of the force of the air!
Sergeant: ...No, we are against the terrorists.
Trevor: That's right, because they double crossed us!
Zach: They were double agents!
Sergeant: No, that's not what happened–
Trevor: My spy name is gonna be Sergeant Eagle Fort!
Zach: And you can call me Crowbar!
Trevor: Yeah! His thing is he always has a crowbar!
Zach: And he was raised by eagles in a fort!
Sergeant: I think you two should put some serious thought into this.
Zach: We've got this all planned out, baby.
Trevor: Yeah, first thing is we need like a hundred missile launchers!
Zach: and like 50,000 land mines!...In our plane!
Trevor: And then we'll need you to send the rest of the Army ahead of us in what’s probably a suicide mission to draw their fire.
Zach: Then what we're gonna do is fly our jet right at the bad guys main base, and at the last possible moment I’m gonna pull a hand grenade out of my mouth and throw it in the back with all the landmines and the missiles and stuff. And then we’re just gonna jump out!
Trevor: Whoooooaaa! Yank! (Makes sound of parachute opening)
Zach: Then all the bad guys will be on the ground like “No! No! No! Bleh! Ahhhhggrrghhhgr!
Trevor: Then you gotta send a stealth bomber to swoop down, just at the last minute before the mountain blows up and pick us up.
Zach: It will be AWESOME!!!
Sergeant: You both are 18, right?
Trevor: Yup!
Trevor, Zach: Today!
Sergeant: Welcome aboard.
Watch it (HERE)

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