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i can get my permit tomorrow!!!! but i can't. because i haven't taken my classes yet :(.
but i can save people if they're drowning or having a stroke or get a laceration or a puncture wound or something like that and i can do cpr because i just got my lifeguarding certification and i'm so excited because work starts the 25th and then water polo starts... but i can't do swim this summer because i would have to get up at like 6.30, swim from 7 to 8:30 and then go to work at 8:45 at a pool all day until like five then eat really fast then go to polo practice from 7-9 then go home take a shower and then go to bed. and then get up in the morning and do it all over. so i cut out the swim, and it's a little better. i'm so excited i'm sooo going surfing this summerrr.... and guess what i'm listening to? surfer girl by home grown!!! :] you should listen it's rather hilarious. i wonder if anyone actually reads these. i don't. i just make them. and don't read my other two they're stupid. but it took me so long to type them that i really don't want to put all that time and energy to waste by deleting them. and this isn't exactly my greatest writing, either. but w/e. i want to be a writer when i grow up. for a fashion magazinee... or a music magazine... or some big magazine. or i want to be a surgeon. or a doctor in the ER. but something that has to do with medical. neonadle? (i'm not sure if that's how you spell it....) but yeah that sounds like fun. i DO like babies. so i'm growing my bangs out because i'm totally sick of them and they're overrated and if you don't have them, DON"T GET THEM unless you look incredibly disgusting without them. but if you look incredibly disgusting without them, i'm sure you'll look just pretty disgusting or disgusting or rather disgusting with them. so, it's up to you, i guess. wow my hair is long. i want to cut it short. or grow it long. i'm not sure yet. when you're in the chlorine all day long, it's much easier to have short hair. but i love it when its down and nice. because it's curlyyy. but being in the chlorine 24/7... trust me... it does MAJOR damage to your hair. so if you plan on becoming a swimmer or water polo player or just being in the pool all the time, CONDITION THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!! it makes it better. but you have to trim it a lot in order to make it nice. ok this is probably really boring to read so i'm going to go now. byeeee :]

p.s. leave me comments i'm nice i'll respond :]

Posted Jun 08, 2007 at 12:00am



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i am obsessed with the pool.i think too much.can you snowboard in kansas?

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