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lyrics. music. sleep. water polo. swimming. excelling. writing. trusting. cell phone. music. devotion&desire. fun. smile. laugh. play. feel emotions. good day. pain. shoulders. eyes. makeup. hair. annoyance. great music. obsessions. arm muscles. unicorns. spiderman. prettier. friends. new friends. old friends. best friends. crazy nail polish. computers. shopping. fast food. eating healthy. exercising constantly. nice stomach. no fat. embarrassed. show-off. love. lust. romeo&juliet. or tim&jill. not doing homework. not caring. yellow chicken cause. std's. mr. blas. inadequate. ipod. itunes. new music. all time favorites. headphones. sterio. crazy loud bass. texting. sad. lost. writing. new songs. kissing. the smell of his skin. brushing teeth. the best hair. flossing. tanning. krissa. chelan. old friends. missing my old life. the lake. learning butterfly. king of the dock. steheiken. moe. local myth. grandma nina&josie andrede (rest in peace. i love you both). dying. student council. student store. nativity sweatshirt. brotha from anotha motha. screaming. from first to last. katelyn. bathrooms. inside jokes. our sign. car underwater. summer. drama. water polo introductions. water polo class. gettting a 29.7. less than a 1:07. numb toes. frustration. itchy nose. greasy pizza face. teddy bear friends. cookie dough late at night. summer nights. kicking at lakewood swim. rafe. homecoming. the football game. happy feet. frosh soph water polo tourney. kissing in the rain. "he came back". beach. birthday presents. late-night phone calls. phone taken away. long, 10-page letters. everythign to everyone and anything to anyone. "i've never told a lie, and that makes me a liar. i've never made a bet, but we gamble with desire. i've never lit a match with intent to start a fire. but recently the flames are getting out of control." do you need a ride home? gettting lost on purpose. blonde hair. blue eyes. missing you SO bad right now. break turns into break-up. greenbrier lane. christmastime in the 909. skater. sitting on the windowsill. my black sweatshirt. pepper. david. lake mead. thunderstorms. the hike. hikes up the hill&down the hill&to the lake. the loop. jumping off the rocks. riding my bike around the block. pillow fights w/grandma paula. lemondae stands. messed-up brownies. i still love you anyways. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. shame, shame. san diego. crying for no reason. biting nails. bun&cheese. tyler. justin&julian. bryan. josh. joey (in chelan). tipper. mat (engstrom). anthony. j.p. leighton. quinn. the goats. tooty. the volkkmans. rejection. jonathan. andrew. so many boys in and out of my ilfe. always a boy, come&go. i won't let this one go.

music. writing. thinking. tim... my life.

Posted Apr 12, 2007 at 12:00am



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  • General: grrrrr.

    i can get my permit tomorrow!!!! but i can't. because i haven't taken my classes yet :(. but i can save people if they're drowning or having a stroke or get a laceratio…

    Jun 08, 2007

  • General: i don't understand

    i just... don't understand things. like why am i such a bad kid? why do i do the things i do? is writing my only escape? is it just this temporary relief from reality (…

    Apr 12, 2007

  • General: the words of tonight

    lyrics. music. sleep. water polo. swimming. excelling. writing. trusting. cell phone. music. devotion&desire. fun. smile. laugh. play. feel emotions. good day. pain. sh…

    Apr 12, 2007



i am obsessed with the pool.i think too much.can you snowboard in kansas?

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