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  • forfreyapadz said:
    hello try to listen one of our songs here on purevolume.com/forfreya thanks ;-) have a great day...mwah ;-) Nov 17
  • daniel books shows said:
    hey if u get the chance check out my band saturday night riot we r touring texas and oklahoma soon and would greatly appreciate the support man thanx if u like it plz add us to ur favorites and tell ur friends ((((((((((((purevolume.com/saturdaynightriotnm)))))))) )))) Dec 12
  • TheronRogers said:
    Hey!If you like Dashboard Confessional then you might like my stuff. Check it out at: www.purevolume.com/theronrogers Let me know what you think. Thanks, Theron Jul 15
  • RockObsesse said:
    you write about all your friends, i should do that! i took a bunch of interests from nexopia and i get surveys from bzoink.com. i love your picture, it's very artistic. Jun 29
  • RockObsesse said:
    holy crap! your billboard and tags are hella long! where do you come up with all that stuff/ Jun 27
  • tainted_n_torn said:
    whats up.... i know it has been a very long time.. works good i work at act now... and school well i can\'t complain.. hope your doing good.. it was nice to hear from you take care... love ya lots... peace Jan 30
  • forfreyapadz said:
    hi merry christmas ...umm if you have time, try to visit our profile here just search forfreya and i hope you\'ll like one of our songs..thanks godbless Dec 16
  • forfreyapadz said:
    hi there..advance merry christmas wahehe godbless..just droping by... Nov 25
  • forfreyapadz said:
    hi tnx for adding me up on your friends list...if i uploaded my original song please listen to it ok?hehe thanks again...and godbless Oct 09
  • Jesse Dorran Aka Perfection said:
    yeah cali it awesome here. i love it. but i was originally born in Canada Oct 09


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.......................................(first2last_58@yahoo.com )........................................... write to me if you want to talk...Peace Out and I luv ya people!!!......................... TO FEAR LOVE IS TO FEAR LIFE AND IF YOU FEAR LIFE...YOUR ALREADY THREE PARTS DEAD I really don't know what to write about...but whatever, I guess I'll talk about myself. My name is Stephanie and I live in Santa Rosa. I don't like it here because it's always hot and I want to see some snow. Change Subject...(I'M NOT A SENIOR ANYMORE) OH YEAH!!!! I WORK AT CHILIS BAR AND GRILL (HOSTESS). It's a cool job and I like everyone I work with so yeah thats it about work. I like going to the mall and playing the piano at Mr.Music...It's all cool and stuff. I love going to the movies. I like all types of films... so whatever... movies are awesome to watch. My favorite actor as of rightnow would have to be Seth Rogan...he just kicks ass with funny. My friends are fun as well...I haven't really kept intouch with anyone in high school except my like awesome close friends...though I do wish the best for everyone out there I guess. Ummm... I love hanging out with my sisters... they don't live with me and I get to sleep at their houses. My BFFF I guess I would have to say I've kept intouch with would be Roel because He just kicks ass and what not. Another friend is Ralph he's also my cousin. We usually make fun of each other...its fun. Ralph was an All American Cheerleader in high school and I'm so proud of him. My other best bud Dee Dee is cool too. She ran cross country and is a very quiet person. She is a little crazy sometimes. She's a kook!!! Lucinda is a trip. We talk a lot of shit to eachother and we get on eachothers nerves but that's why we're friends!! She's funny! : ) I do miss that chick. My best first friend Janine, is cool to hang out with because all we did was laugh and talk. We've been best friends since the second day of Pre-K. She's also the first real friend I have ever had. I've know all of my friends since kinder. Except Roel He just stumbled into my weird life. I haven't had a boyfriend but I do want one. Not to be conceited or anything but I think I'm pretty ok. I have my good and bad days. I have been asked out...many times actually... but I never had the time to even say yes. He got tired of waiting... I guess, but there are other fish in the sea. I just need to find him. WWWOOOOAAAA.........I got so into the thing... sorry about that. Any who, I'm not here to look for a boyfriend so don't think I am. I love music and listening to it. I love screaming to the music when I'm by myself at the house. I also have a Keyboard and I love to make up my own Music or whatever you call it. I'm the type of person who looks at the sky and questions every little thing in the world. I believe in God but some times I think I'm agnostic. Agnostic means that a person believes there is no living proof of God but would never deny their Belief in God himself; and to those who think they're cool and picky about people on purevolume but yet are taking their sweet time to read this...WELL YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF FOR JUDGING PEOPLE WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THEM AND TAKE THE STICK OUT OF YOUR ASS AND LICK IT CAUSE THATS WHAT PREJUDGICE PRICKS ARE GOOD AT... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...TO EVERYONE ELSE ON PUREVOLUME THAT I DON'T KNOW YET... I LOVE YOU ALL AND TAKE CARE. I'm doing this for a friend that is my sister at heart. Here is another thing to live by...Our Life is just another one of Gods boardgames...and If you get lost read the instructions because in the end it will help you out when the game is finished. Winning or losing...that's up to YOU!!! OK I don't know what else to write but if you want to know more about me...write a comment or message and I'll answer back. Thanks, Luv ya ,and take care of yourself.!!!!!! READ THIS CRAP!!!!!! P.S. I'm moving to Arizona!!! YAY!!!

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