Shay. Listener

Age: 24

Location: United States


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Rock / Emo / Punk

New York City, NY

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Closure in Moscow Pro

Rock / Progressive / Psychedelic

Melbourne, Australia

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Taken Cadence

Powerpop / Alternative / Pop Punk

Benbrook, TX

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Death Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

United States

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ClearviewKills Pro

Hardcore / Punk / Screamo

Pittsburgh, PA

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Comments (8)

  • Brianna said:
    omg hi. seriously everyone let's bring pv the fuck back. the place was the best before all the fake emos showed up. Let's beat the shit out of them all and take back this site. WHOS WITH ME Sep 11
  • b00bzzzz said:
    memoriesssssss. i miss you so much. Sep 11
  • Evan =D said:
    SHAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY omfg it's been freaking forever D: how've you been? Nov 09
  • Nicole said:
    your two favourite albums are by Copeland and La Dispute? can we get married Sep 11
  • b00bzzzz said:
    well. dragons. my neighbor. has one of those things. beared dragons. i mean he told me not to pick it up shay. wasnt his fault really. but please. you are my neighbor. you should know i dont listen. i dont pay attention. (therefore i didnt even hear him tell me) and most importantly. that thing looked really nice. so i reached my hand in there. i mean hes gotta eat his crickets right? so i gave him his crickets and was like oh well now i gotta touch him. im too nice for him to eat me alive. i mean i felt close to him. in fact; in that time. you could have called me his girlfriend. so i was pettin his lil head. which wasnt little. hes a fuckin monster. but i looked past his awful looks. and i was like oh hey lemme pick this fine peice of ass up! (bad idea) i dont recall exactly how i picked him up but i put him on my head. and i wasa like holy shit this thing is really cool. and then it started climbing down my arm. and pachow! that thing bit my fucking arm. like he was getting paid for it. it hurt so bad. and i threw him. then i picked him up with a towel and threw him in his cage. i know i know, animals abuse. but it was scary shay. that thing is a bastard and i hope he gets constipated and dies. end of story. Apr 28
  • b00bzzzz said:
    F U C K S H A Y I L O V E Y O U S O M U C H Mar 28
  • Lauren said:
    hello, i think you're beautiful. the end. Feb 04
  • b00bzzzz said:
    Shay; I've decided to write u a letter for Christmas. Not really a letter; but more like some babble. Hi shay I love you greatly you are one of my good friends and I can trust you with anything. You are sucha good person it's like whoa I've never known anyone like you! You are like so good inside and out and when I make babies you're gonna be the godmother. I hope we can go camping together and talk of great things. So merry Christmas shay... Love, mallory :] Dec 25


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